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Rayborn LED lighting offers numerous advantages, including energy efficiency, a long lifespan, durability, instant lighting, design flexibility, directional lighting, and environmental friendliness. These benefits make LED lighting a popular and cost-effective choice for both indoor and outdoor industrial lighting needs.


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  • 1000W LED Stadium Floodlight for an Elementary School Stadium

    Our 1000W LED stadium floodlights were installed at the comprehensive stadium of an elementary school. The lamp poles stand at a towering 18 meters in height, providing an average illuminance of 350 lx for the football field and 150 lx for the athletics track.

    Upon completion, the actual lighting effect of the venue exceeded the design requirements, delivering high brightness, uniform illumination, and minimal glare. We are delighted that the school has recognized the success of this lighting project.

  • High Lumens Indoor Stadium Arena Light

    Our LED sports arena lights, rated at 750W, provide an average illumination level exceeding 1200 lux. We've adopted a mixed lighting arrangement, utilizing both top-mounted and side-mounted lamps. This mixed layout of stadium lighting incorporates lamps with various light distribution forms, making it perfectly suited for high-definition TV broadcasting.

  • LED High Bay Lights Used in a Large Warehouse

    The UFO, a new generation of LED high bay lights, offers exceptional energy savings and outstanding performance, boasting an efficacy of 160lm/W as standard. This results in savings of up to 40% when compared to metal halide lighting. In a 12-meter-high warehouse in Germany, we conducted photometry to determine the ideal number of high bay lights required and the necessary wattage per high bay light. This approach ensures uniform illuminance and high light efficacy, ultimately achieving the best lighting effect for the warehouse.

  • 300W LED Flood Light Outdoor Court

    To illuminate small outdoor sports fields while saving energy, the customer opted for our 300W LED floodlight model RB-FLL-300WSDA. This LED floodlight offers significantly brighter and more uniform lighting compared to the previous metal halide lamp.

  • 800W Sports Field Stadium Lights for a Seaside Location

    A successful lighting project involves more than just choosing the right lighting fixtures; proper installation is equally crucial. This particular football field is situated by the sea, which imposes relatively high product requirements. To meet these requirements, we've installed our 800W LED Sports Field Stadium Lights, placing 24 lamps on each light pole.

  • 150W Aluminum Cover UFO High Bay Light LED

    At RAYBORN LIGHTING, we have great confidence in the quality and performance of our products. Our U2 series 150W high bay lighting is used in schools, featuring an aluminum cover that effectively reduces glare.

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