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High Mast Light

If you don't know which kinds of LED mast pole light you need? we're here to help. In this buying guide, we'll go over the of industrial led high mast lighting products that you can purchase.

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  • Cutting-Edge LED Technology

    Rayborn excels in integrating advanced LED technology, ensuring high performance, energy efficiency, and extended lifespan in their high mast light solutions.

  • Versatile Installation Options

    Rayborn provides adaptable installation choices, such as round, arc, and single-side installations, catering to diverse needs like square lighting, pedestrian crossings, and large stadiums.

  • Comprehensive Precautions

    Rayborn prioritizes meticulous precautions in high mast light installations, addressing factors like beam angles, glare reduction, and color rendering for optimal functionality, safety, and visual comfort.


About High Mast Light

High mast pole LED lighting is very energy efficient and long-lasting,it utilizes high poles to illuminate large areas.The high mast lighting design uses an area lighting system,which consists of a high pole and different numbers of lamps,the larger the area want to illuminate,the higher the lights need to be installed.If need to illuminate the airport,large areas such as parking lots, outdoor stadiums,railway yards,ports,freight yards or main roads need to be illuminated with high pole lights.The high pole lights produced by RAYBORN are very suitable for outdoor harsh environments. In this article,we discuss LED high mast light designs in details.


LED High Pole Lights - Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines

To ensure a seamless and professional installation of high mast lighting, adhere to key rules for optimal performance. Avoid installing poles in accident-prone areas, such as gores and sharp bends. Additionally, steer clear of locations directly in the user's line of sight and coordinate with signage to prevent obstruction. Place high masts strategically at spots with heightened illumination needs, such as crossroads and traffic conflict areas.

High mast lights are ideal for municipal engineering, highways, overpasses, city squares, stations, ports, freight yards, airports, and stadiums, playing a crucial role in nighttime security.

Poles range in height from 20 to 50 meters, offering concentrated and uniform illumination with minimal glare. The installation ensures reliability, ease of maintenance, and safe operation. It also minimizes installation difficulty and facilitates daily upkeep.

Apart from LED lighting performance, selecting a high-quality pole with the right height is crucial. Ensure that the pole components, including rope, pulleys, winches, climbing ladders, ground cages, artificial platforms, and lighting brackets, are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Rayborn's LED high mast area lights (500w to 1500w) find widespread use in various locations, providing top lighting directed towards the ground. These lights feature multiple independent fixtures around the pole, typically ranging from four to fifteen.


LED High Pole Lighting Performance 


When evaluating high mast floodlights, the paramount consideration is product performance. Opting for LED high mast floodlights stands out as the superior choice compared to Halogen and HID solutions. The advantages of choosing LED include brighter illumination, lower electricity consumption, higher energy efficiency, and an extended lifespan surpassing 50,000 hours.


Installation Methods

  • 01Round Installation

    • Centered around the light pole, distribute projections evenly.
    • Applicable for square lighting, port terminals, yard illumination, road overpasses, etc.
  • 02Arc Installation

    • Utilizes the light pole as the center, creating a fan-shaped projection area.
    • Suitable for pedestrian crossings, enhancing road crossing brightness.
  • 03Single-Side Installation

    • Typically used for large stadiums, docks, high mast lighting towers, and large intersections.

Outdoor High Mast Pole Light DIAlux

High Mast Light Dialux

High Pole Light Dialux

High Mast Pole Lighting

Precautions Installation

  • Optimizing high mast lamp installation involves key considerations: beam angles for uniformity, minimizing glare and light pollution, evaluating color rendering, and selecting suitable color temperatures. 

  • 01Beam Angle

    • Consider the beam angle carefully as it determines light distribution.
    • An excessively wide beam angle may lead to low ground illumination and uneven light distribution.
    • Conversely, a narrow beam angle may result in high brightness but poor light uniformity with dark spots.
    • Select lights with the appropriate beam angle to optimize brightness and light uniformity.
  • 02Glare/Light Pollution

    • Given the elevated installation height of high pole lamps and the substantial light power required, minimize glare and light pollution.
    • Account for the impact on surrounding people and buildings during the lamp layout phase.
  • 03Color Rendering (CRI)

    • Evaluate the color rendering of light sources using the Color Rendering Index (CRI).
    • Higher CRI indicates better color rendering and enhances the ability to accurately represent object colors, contributing to improved security.
    • CRI is a crucial aspect in assessing the quality of LED lighting.
  • 04Color Temperature

    • For high mast lighting, a color temperature of 5000-6500K is generally recommended, closely resembling natural light.
    • In certain areas, warmer tones of 3000-3500K may be preferred for a more relaxed atmosphere.
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