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RAYBORN LIGHTING is a leading manufacturer of commercial lighting products, including LED tube lights, LED panel lights, track lights, and more. We utilize the latest LED technology and implement rigorous product quality control measures to provide a diverse range of high-quality LED solutions for various applications.

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We provide a diverse range of LED commercial lighting solutions, including LED track lights, LED panel lights, and LED tube lights. Our products are engineered with high heat dissipation capabilities, ranging from 9W to 70W in power. We offer the flexibility to select the appropriate beam angle to suit specific application scenarios. Some of our products even feature 350-degree rotation for enhanced adaptability. Additionally, our lights come with built-in protection functions, safeguarding against issues like overpressure, sub-pressure, incomplete circuits, and shock circuits, ensuring the utmost reliability and safety.

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Custom Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

At Rayborn, our professional R&D team offers exceptional OEM/ODM services tailored to your commercial lighting needs. Whether your requirements are small or extensive, we are committed to crafting a unique product just for you. Additionally, we offer unbranded products. Rest assured that our OEM/ODM offerings meet stringent International Certification Standards without any compromise.

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LED Commercial Lights with the Leading Factory

Our top factory excels in professional LED lamp PCB design and maintains rigorous standards in power supply and light source selection, ensuring superior LED light fixture quality. Using advanced lighting design software, we offer cost-effective lighting solutions. Rayborn focuses on LED fixture structure, heat dissipation, IP/IK ratings, installation, and customization, providing stable and cost-effective LED lighting. Our stringent supplier selection process guarantees quality, price, delivery, and tailored after-sales support. Quality control encompasses IQC/IPQC/FQC/QA measures.

  • Expertise in Commercial LED Lighting
  • Rigorous Quality Standards
  • Comprehensive Supplier Selection

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