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Badminton Court

The design of lighting for a badminton court relies on the strategic placement of lights to provide comfortable illumination for athletes, referees, and spectators from various angles. This ensures that athletes can concentrate and perform at their best, leading to favorable outcomes. So, the question arises: How should one select suitable LED lighting for a badminton court?

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  • Optimal Play Conditions

    Tailored LED design ensures visibility, meeting spatial requirements for players and TV broadcasts.

  • Stringent Standards Adherence

    Rayborn's LED solutions comply with international regulations, ensuring uniform illuminance, high CRI, and suitable color temperature.

  • Efficient LED Transition

    Rayborn's lights replace HID lamps seamlessly, offering energy efficiency and environmental friendliness while maintaining illuminance standards.


About Badminton Court

Badminton, a globally beloved sport, offers a unique blend of fitness and enjoyment. Played across a net, it minimizes physical collisions, allows for pace variations, and engages the entire body for a full workout. Its distinguishing feature is its capacity to turn exercise into an enjoyable experience, breaking the monotony of conventional fitness equipment. Moreover, badminton combines skill and intelligence, demanding constant assessment and quick reactions. Participating in badminton fosters control, endurance, teamwork, and positive character traits.


Badminton Court Design Requirements


Designing an indoor badminton court with a focus on LED solutions requires meticulous attention to key dimensions and lighting considerations. The court dimensions, spanning 13.40m in length, with a doubles width of 6.10m and a singles width of 5.18m, set the spatial framework for optimal play. Height becomes crucial, necessitating a minimum court height of 12m, with lamps installed at the same height, and ensuring a maximum of 9m space above the court. 

To enhance player visibility and ensure safety, a clear zone of 2m around the court, devoid of obstacles, is imperative. Court spacing is also a vital factor, requiring a minimum of 2m between adjacent courts. Emphasizing energy-efficient LED solutions, the lighting design must align with varied standards based on the court's functions, incorporating specific parameters for training, competitions, and entertainment. It is essential to integrate these lighting considerations seamlessly into the initial sports building design to avoid post-construction challenges and ensure an efficient LED-centric solution for the indoor badminton court.


Badminton Court Installation Lighting Solution

  • The Badminton Court Installation Lighting Solution offers versatility through three distinct methods. First, lamps with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution are strategically placed on both sides of the court, meeting vertical illuminance and TV broadcast needs. Aiming angles between 25° and 65° are critical to avoid obstructing athletes' sightlines.

    In larger stadiums requiring varied lighting, a mixed layout employs lights with diverse distribution forms, accommodating different event types, including high-definition broadcasts. Finally, top lighting with symmetrical distribution is suitable for gyms, competitions, training, and entertainment, providing adaptability across various scenarios.

Badminton Court Simulation

200w Floodlight Simulation

150w Highbay Simulation

200w Flood Lamp Simulation

Precautions for Badminton Court Installation

  •  A Uniformity of Light:

    Achieving uniform illuminance, measured as the ratio of minimum to average illuminance on the surface, is crucial. A more uniform light distribution enhances illumination and improves visual comfort. Particularly for professional tennis matches, strict uniformity requirements are essential to ensure optimal playing conditions.

  •  B Color Rendering of Lights

    The Color Rendering Index (CRI) serves as a vital measure for assessing the color rendering ability of light sources, especially in LED lighting. A higher CRI indicates superior color rendering and a more accurate representation of object colors. This is pivotal for broadcasting high-definition matches, providing viewers with a realistic and visually pleasing experience.

  • C Lamp Color Temperature

    The color temperature of badminton court lamps is significant. Ideally falling between 4000-6500K, closer to natural light, it ensures optimal visibility. Some tennis clubs, however, may opt for warmer 3000-3500K light, depending on specific preferences and club atmospheres. Careful consideration of color temperature contributes to the overall lighting ambiance of the court.

The Transition to LED Lighting in Badminton Court Design with Rayborn's Expertise

  •  A The Transition from HID to LED Lighting

    Traditional HID lamps on badminton courts are being replaced by LED lighting due to their high light efficiency and energy-saving advantages. LED lights not only offer superior efficiency but also contribute to environmental protection as damaged LED lights do not pollute the environment, aligning with global trends in sustainable development.

  •  B Environmental Considerations

    The shift to LED lighting is environmentally conscious, reflecting the global emphasis on environmental protection. LED lights, in addition to their energy efficiency, do not pose environmental hazards when damaged. This aligns with the worldwide commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable technology.

  • C Comparability with HID Devices

    Rayborn lights are highlighted as being fully comparable to traditional HID devices concerning luminous efficiency and illuminance. This ensures that the transition to LED lighting does not compromise the quality of illumination on badminton courts, maintaining standards comparable to traditional lighting systems.

  • D Professional Court Lighting Design with DIALUX Simulation

    Professional court lighting design, especially for badminton courts, necessitates DIALUX simulation. Through DIALUX simulation, the required number of lamps, as well as optimal installation positions and lens angles, can be determined. Rayborn offers customers free simulations, providing a cost-effective solution for efficient and effective badminton court lighting design.

Illumination Standard

Illumination Standard of Badminton Court
Type EH(lx) Evmai(lx) Evsec(lx) Illumination uniformity Ra Tk(K)
U1 U2 U1 U2
Amateur level Physical Training 150 0.4 0.6 20 4000
non-competition, recreational activities 300/250 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 700/600 0.5 0.7 65 4000
Professional level non-competition, recreational activities 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 1000/800 0.5 0.7 65 4000
TV Broadcast National and intmational Competitions 1000/700 750/500 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65 4000
TV Broadcast Major and Intemational Competitions 1250/900 1000/700 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 65,80 4000
HDTV Broadcast Major and intemational Competitions 2000/1400 1500/1050 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 80 4000
TV Emergency 1000/700 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65,80 4000
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