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Basketball Court

Basketball is played on both indoor and outdoor courts.the court is poorly illuminated, making it difficult for players and spectators to see the ball and what is occurring. Sports participation will become prevent this from occurring, it is advised that the pitch be well illuminated.So how to choose a good Led lighting for Basketball Court

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What Rayborn Can Do

  • Energy Efficiency

    Rayborn's LED basketball court lighting outperforms traditional HID lamps, offering superior energy efficiency and contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • Comparable Performance

    Rayborn's LED tennis lights provide luminous efficiency and illuminance on par with traditional HID devices, ensuring top-tier illumination for professional basketball courts.

  • Free DIALUX Simulations

    Rayborn's free DIALUX simulations optimize basketball court lighting design, minimizing labor costs for efficient and effective illumination.


About Basketball Court

There are basketball courts in schools, stadium,neighborhoods, and parks. What is the basketball court's lighting layout? Rayborn basketball courts light are equipped with indoor/outdoor LED floodlgiht and high bay lights that are appropriate for indoor/outdoor basketball courts in backyards, universities, park,schools.led are a superior alternative to metal halogen, halogen, and fluorescent lighting.LED basketball court lighting is more efficient. Converting to LED lighting is a wise decision..this is because stadiums and courts demand high brightness and electricity. With LED lights, the court can be readily illuminated; the lights will be dispersed uniformly to all corners, making it simple to grab the attention of spectators and players. This makes playing basketball both inside and outside enjoyable and easy. In addition, it is more durable than conventional lighting court is divided into two types:indoor and outdoor.The standard size is 28m long and 15m wide,the buffer zone is generally 2m outside the sideline and 2m outside the baseline,the international standard is 6m outside sideline,and 5m outside the bottom line.Generally,there should be no obstacles within 7m above the site.


Indoor Basketball Court Illumination


For indoor basketball courts, low glare is crucial due to reflective stadium floors, impacting players and spectators. Direct lighting fixtures offer effectiveness, efficiency, and energy savings, while indirect illumination is recommended. Top, side, and mixed lighting layouts are options. It's essential to ensure lux levels, color temperature, and color rendering index comply with lighting specifications. Consider compensating for absorbed ceiling light with additional LED wattage.

Low Glare Priority

Reflective indoor stadium floors make low glare critical for players and spectators.

Direct Lighting Fixtures

Provide effectiveness, high efficiency, and energy-saving benefits.

Indirect Illumination

Advised for better lighting; if ceiling lights direct upward, compensate with additional LED wattage.

Mixed Lighting Layout 

Lighting Both Sides

Layout of The Ceiling


Ondoor Basketball Court


Choose professional and cost-effective lighting solutions based on illuminance standards. Opt for T-shaped light pole construction over outrigger structures commonly used for street lights. Standard dimensions for outdoor basketball courts are 30 x 17 meters or 32 x 19 meters.

Professional and Cost-Effective Solutions

Adhere to illuminance standards for effective lighting installation.

T-Shaped Pole Construction

Opt for T-shaped design, prioritizing stability over the outrigger structure used for street lights.

Standard Court Dimensions

Outdoor basketball courts typically measure 30 x 17 meters or 32 x 19 meters.

6 Poles Layout 

Four Corners Layout

4 Poles Layout 

Basketball Court Lighting Solution

  • Achieve optimal visibility and performance with our versatile lighting options. From top mount arrangements suitable for various activities to side installations ideal for competitions and training, our solutions cater to diverse needs. For large-scale events like major leagues and televised competitions, our mixed lighting arrangement ensures high illumination standards. 

  • 01Top Mount Lighting

    • Lamps arranged above the site with perpendicular light beams.
    • Symmetrical light distribution suitable for various activities: gymnasiums, amateur and professional competitions, training, entertainment, and national fitness.
  • 02Install Light on Both Sides

    • Lamps arranged on both sides with non-perpendicular light beams.
    • Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution options.
    • Suitable for amateur competitions, physical and professional training, and domestic competitions.
  • 03Mixed Arrangement

    • Combination of top and side lighting with various light distribution forms.
    • High illumination requirements.
    • Applicable to large-scale competition venues like major leagues, professional competitions, and televised domestic/international competitions.

Court DIALux Simulation

For professional basketball courts, 18-36 basketball court lights (200W-500W) are recommended. Economic basketball courts require a total of 6-12 lights (200W-300W).

This includes 20-24 pieces of 200W LED lights, positioned at a height of 10 meters, arranged in a layout of 2X10 or 4X6. Utilizing professional lighting software ensures an approximate average stadium illumination of 400-500 lux, meeting competition criteria.




Basketball Court Lighting Precautions

  • Elevate your court experience with precision lighting. From flicker-free solutions and uniform illumination to color rendering considerations and anti-glare measures, we ensure optimal performance and visual comfort. Explore our concise guide to illuminate your basketball court with efficiency and quality.

  •  AFlicker-Free

    Invest in high-quality LED lighting for basketball courts, capable of at least 6000 FPS video recording to minimize flicker. Maintain a scintillation rate below 0.3% for optimal performance with modern high-speed cameras.

  •  BUniformity of Light

    Prioritize illuminance uniformity in basketball court lighting design, especially for professional games like NBA and CBA. Achieving a high uniformity ratio enhances visual comfort and overall illumination quality.

  • C Color Rendering

    Evaluate lighting quality using the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Higher CRI values improve color rendering, providing a more realistic and vibrant viewing experience, crucial for high-definition broadcasts.

  • D Color Temperature

    Consider the color temperature based on the setting. Indoor courts benefit from 4000-5700K, while outdoor courts are recommended to have a color temperature range of 5000-6500K.

  • E Anti-glare

    Incorporate anti-glare measures in basketball court lighting design to enhance the viewing experience for both athletes and spectators. Minimize excessive glare to avoid discomfort and vision impairment for players.

  • F Protection Against Surges/IP Rating

    Ensure surge protection and a minimum IP rating of IP65 for LED basketball court lighting, especially for outdoor installations. This safeguards the system against damage and ensures durability in diverse weather conditions.

 Evolution to LED Basketball Court Lighting


Traditional HID lamps on basketball courts are being phased out in favor of LED lighting due to their high efficiency and energy-saving benefits. Not only do LED tennis court lights offer comparable luminous efficiency and illuminance to traditional HID devices, but they also boast the advantage of being environmentally friendly. In the event of damage, LED lights pose no environmental pollution, aligning with the global trend toward environmental protection.

Professional basketball court lighting design demands precision, and DIALUX simulation is the key. RAYBORN offers free simulations, providing insights into the required number of lamps, optimal installation positions, and lens angles for top-notch tennis court lighting. This not only ensures efficient illumination but also saves customers significant labor costs.

Illumination Standard

International Sports Federation (GAISF) Lighting Standards for Basketball Courts
Type EH(lx) Evmai(lx) Evsec(lx) Illumination uniformity Ra Tk(K)
U1 U2 U1 U2
Amateur level Physical Training 150 0.4 0.6 20 4000
non-competition, recreational activities 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 600 0.5 0.7 65 4000
Professional level Physical Training 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 750 0.5 0.7 65 4000
TV Broadcast National and intmational Competitions 750 500 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65 4000
TV Broadcast Major and Intemational Competitions 1000 750 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 65/80 4000
HDTV Broadcast Major and intemational Competitions 2000 1500 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 80 4000
TV Emergency 750 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65/80 4000
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