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LED Track Panel Light Series 

LED Track Light Series

  • High luminous up to 160LM/W
  • Beam angle: 60°/90°/DS20° (Double Asymmetric)
  • Power: 30W,40W,50W,60W,70W;wattage dipswitch: 44/52/60/68W
  • 4 wire 3-phase track adapter
  • 350° flexible horizaontal rotation
  • Adopt PMMA efficient lens, lower decay and high UV tolerance
  • 3-8m installation height
  • Aluminum Lamp Body Material
  • Power adjustable 
  • Custom design everything

Adopt PMMA efficient lens Optical Design

Select the appropriate beam angle based on the application scenario. Most commonly, you can choose 60° / 90 ° and DS20°.

Philips/Lifud/Tirdonic Driver

The adjustable function can realize lighting control and scene setting. To some extent, it replaces the common dimmer system. There’s no need to add an extra dimmable driver. Which can greatly save your inventory space and meet different project requirements. Wattage DIP switch: 44/52/60/68W 

Horizontal Track Rotation 350°

The track panel light can be rotated around 350 degrees, which allows the lighting to focus on the special areas. Such a flexible design will provide you with better customer experience.

Complete Track Linear Light

Complete linear track kits (consisting of adjustable track light heads, and canopy) are accessible. It can not only be installed in a fixed position but also be moved flexibly. You can turn them to wherever you want and add extra lamps.

Linear LED Track Light/Panel Track Lighting Features:

  • High luminous intensity, up to 160LM/W.                                                      
  • Adopt PMMA efficient lens, lower decay and high UV tolerance.   
  • Unique aluminum housing(6063-T5) with good heat dissipation.
  • Aluminum pcb(PCB) with high thermal conductivity and thermal resistance.
  • 4 wire 3-phase track adapter.
  • 350° flexible horizaontal rotation.
  • Beam angle: 60º/90º/DS20º (Double Asymmetric).
  • On/Off, DALI and 1-10V dimming driver for option.
  • Wattage dipswitch: 68WD can adjust 44W, 52W, 60W,68W.

Indoor LED track panel lights are a type of lighting fixture that is designed to be attached to a track system, allowing for flexible and adjustable positioning. Here are some features and advantages of LED track lighting:

Energy-efficient: LED technology is highly efficient, consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting sources. This results in lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

Long lifespan: LED commercial track panel lights have a longer lifespan compared to other lighting options. They can last up to 50,000 hours or more, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Adjustable lighting: The track system allows for the easy adjustment and repositioning of the lights. This flexibility enables you to direct the light exactly where it is needed, making them ideal for accent lighting or highlighting specific areas or objects.

Dimmable options: Many Linear/panel LED track lights come with dimmable capabilities, allowing you to control the intensity of the light to create different moods or ambiances.

Wide beam angle: LED track panel lights typically have a wide beam angle, providing uniform and even illumination across a larger area. This feature makes them suitable for lighting up rooms, galleries, retail spaces, or exhibitions.

Fashion and modern design: LED track panel lights have a slim and modern design that can seamlessly blend into various interior styles. They are available in different sizes and shapes, allowing for creative lighting arrangements.

Instantaneous and flicker-free: Dimmable LED track panel lights turn on instantly without any warm-up time, and they do not produce any flickering or buzzing noises. This ensures a comfortable and consistent lighting experience.

Heat management: shop led track light are designed with efficient heat sinks to dissipate heat effectively. This helps to extend the lifespan of the LEDs and ensures consistent performance.

Environmentally friendly: LED panel track lights do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury, making them safe for both human health and the environment. Additionally, their energy efficiency contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Technical Specs

Model Name Power  (W) Beam Angle Dimension Input voltage Color Temperature  Lighting Effect Track System
RB-TK01-68WD Can adjust 44W 52W 60W 68W 60/90° L588*W188mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K >160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RBL-TK01-50W 50W 60/90° L588*W188mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K >160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RB-TK01-60W 60W
RB-TK01-70W 70W
RB-TK02-45WD Can adjust 30W 35W 40W 45W 60/90° L1152*W65mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K 160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RB-TK02-30W 30W 60/90°/DS20° L1152*W65mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K 160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RBL-TK02-40W 40W
RB-TK02-50W 50W
RB-TK02-55WD Can adjust 40W 45W 50W 55W 60/90°/DS20° L1445*W65mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K 160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RB-TK02-35W 35W 60/90°/DS20° L1445*W65mm AC100-240V 6000-6500K 5000-5500K 4000-4500K 2800-3500K 160lm/W POWERGEAR 4 Wire 3 Phase Track Adaptor
RB-TK02-45W 45W
RB-TK02-55W 55W

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Product Tester Equipment 

  • IP Water-Proof Tester

    Reliable sealing test.Refers to dustproof and waterproof tests of the led light finished housing,to prevent the inflow and penetration of water and dust,protect the electrical components inside the lamp,improve the reliability and product service life.

  • IES Photometric Tester

    The IES test refers to the light intensity distri- bution of the light source (or luminaire) in all directions of space.The curve formed by marking the luminous intensity values in each direction on the polar coordinate graph is the light distribution curve of the luminaire.

  • Integrating Sphere Tester

    The integrating sphere can be used to test the luminous flux,color temperature,luminous efficiency and other parameters of the light source?

  • LED Temperature Laboratory

    Test the performance of led light during storage,transportation,or use in special climate environments such as high temperature,low temperature,and humidity.Test performance in harsh environments.

  • Surge Tester

    Surge Tester:It is mainly to evaluate the tolerance of the led light luminaire to transient voltage and current,which helps to ensure the luminaire will not be damaged or cause danger under its normal use conditions.Simulate overvoltage and overcurrent conditions that may occur under real use conditions,to evaluate the withstand capacity of led light lamps.

  • Withstand Voltage Tester

    Withstand voltage tester:The withstand voltage tester is an instrument for measuring the withstand voltage strength.It can intuitively,accurately,quickly and reliably test electrical safety performance indicators such as led light lamp breakdown voltage and leakage current,and it can be used as a branch high voltage source to test the performance of components and the whole led light.

  • The Grounding Impedance Tester

    The grounding impedance tester:Check the insulation resistance of lamps or lines to ground and between phases,to ensure these equipment lines work in a normal state and avoid accidents such as electric shock casualties and equipment damage.

  • DC Power Supply

    DC power supply:A device that provides a stable voltage or current for led light.It is suitable for automatic timing on and off,aging and testing of electronic components,etc.

  • DC Electronic Load Tester

    DC electronic load tester:Mainly test the DC power supply of led light,with high output impedance,allowing the output voltage and output current to change quickly,and used to measure different power supply parameters.

  • Leakage Current Tester

    Leakage current tester:Test Instruments for Measuring Leakage Current in Low Voltage Environments.Mainly measure the leakage current and electromagnetic interference in the low-voltage environment of led light,with the characteristics of fast measurement and high precision.

  • Packaging Vibration Tester

    Packaging vibration test:Simulate the vibration,drop and other phenomena during the led light transportation,to determine whether the product structure,process and electronic components installation are reasonable,ensure the quality and life of finished lamps.

  • Lifting Tester

    Lifting test:Through multiple lifting operations to check the installation bracket of the led light during the lifting process,the bearing capacity and durability of the housing,to ensure the service life and safety of led light are guaranteed.

  • IK Tester

    Lamp reliability Test.Simulate the collision and drop of led light,and test the anti-collision level of lamp housing,glass,PC lenses,etc.

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

    Constant temperature and humidity test chamber:Test the performance of finished led light and materials such as housings in various environments(heat resistance,cold resistance, dry resistance,humidity resistance, etc)

  • Salt Spray Tester

    Salt spray tester:Simulate marine erosion environment,test the corrosion resistance of the led light housing

LED Track Light Aging Testing

All LED Track light work at full power during the aging process,and the test time is more than 24 hours.During the aging process of the lamps,the lamps are tested for no less than 3000 times of on/off power,each time the power is turned on for 20 seconds,turned off for 20 seconds.Detect whether there are defective such as dead,dark lights,flickering,and color different. The testers make an aging record every 2 hours.If there is any defect during the aging process,we will stop the test immediately,take out the defective product from the aging rack and make a record.The defective product will be sent to the maintenance department for processing in time.When the abnormal ratio exceeds 3%,IPCQ must report the abnormal situation to the quality supervisor.

Packaging of Adjustable Track LED Light

Our individual package maximize protecting the lights from transfer damage in transit, Big quantity advised to be shipped by sea,Samples advised to be shipped by express or Air.

  • Label

    Label on backside of each dimmable led track light and your required label is available.

  • Label

    Track led track light Individual package and outer carton, 4pcs for one package,professional and safe package ensure goods can safety arrive on our customers' side. 

  • Label

    Label on backside of each linear led track light and your required label is available.

  • Label

    Label on backside of each track led panel light and your required label is available.

Versatility in Application

LED track lights are generally used as a specific spotlight and lighting.Most of them are for commercial use, such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), car displays, jewelry, star-rated hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, museums and cultural relics exhibition halls, chain shopping malls, brand business halls, professional windows, counters and other key lighting places.


Versatility in Solutions

We offer comprehensive light simulation and design services to satisfy to the specific needs of our customers.Our team is well-equipped with industry-standard software such as Dialux,which ensures accurate and reliable simulations.Our expertise extends to simulating lighting for a wide range of applications,including outdoor/indoor stadium,industrial warehouse factory,residential and commercial.These can help our clients in visualizing the impact of different lighting scenarios and making the best choices for their projects. Rayborn are committed to providing our customers with innovative lighting solutions that enhance aesthetic appeal,optimize functionality,and achieve optimal energy efficiency.

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