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Street lighting serves as a crucial element in enabling people to venture out at night and drive safely, mitigating the risk of accidents. Overlooking the importance of street lights would be imprudent. Therefore, the question arises: What factors should be considered when selecting LED street lights to ensure road safety?

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    Rayborn's LED street lights offer customized heights and wattages for diverse environments, ensuring optimal illumination and efficiency.

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    Rayborn's solutions adapt to various urban conditions, providing versatile layouts for enhanced safety and aesthetics.

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    Rayborn's advanced installation solutions, coupled with remote control capabilities, optimize efficiency and offer cost savings.


About Road/Street Light

Streetlights serve a pivotal role by offering ample illumination for pedestrians and vehicles, ensuring clear visibility of roads and traffic signs during nighttime hours. This, in turn, helps minimize the occurrence of traffic accidents and enhances driver safety when navigating the streets after dark. Beyond their primary function, streetlights also contribute to the aesthetics and appeal of urban areas, adding to the overall beauty of the cityscape. Furthermore, well-implemented street lighting has the capacity to stimulate commercial activities and foster the growth of evening economies. Modern street lights leverage LED energy-saving technology, which, when compared to traditional metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, boasts superior energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and lower carbon emissions. These advancements translate into decreased maintenance costs and a reduced environmental footprint, ultimately contributing to the mitigation of pollution and resource conservation.


LED Street Light Height Design Requirements

  • Efficient LED street lighting is paramount for urban safety and aesthetics. This overview focuses on key design requirements, including installation heights and appropriate wattages, tailored to different settings such as country roads, school areas, parking lots, and municipal streets. By understanding these specifications, communities can ensure optimal illumination and safety in diverse urban environments.

  • 01Country Roads/Town Roads

    • Installation Height: 5-8 meters
    • Lamp Fixture Options: 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W
  • 02School/Community/Park Street Light

    • Installation Height: 3-6 meters
    • Lamp Fixture Options: 30W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W
  • 03Parking Lot

    • Lamp Options: 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W
    • Selection based on different light illumination requirements.
  • 04Municipal Outdoor Street Lighting and Highway

    • Installation Height: 8-15 meters
    • Urban Road Lighting Types:
      • Conventional Lighting: Below 15 meters, regularly installed on one side, both sides, or the middle lane. Lamp head perpendicular to the ground or at a certain angle. (Lamp Fixture Options: 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W)
      • LED High Pole Lighting
      • LED Half-High Pole Mast Lighting

LED Street Light Layout Flexibility

  • 01Layout Options

    LED roadway lighting offers flexible layouts, including one-sided, crossing, opposite, T-shaped intersection, crossroad, and curved lighting options, catering to varying urban needs for enhanced safety and aesthetics.

  • 02Conditions for Single-Side Lighting

    Single-side lighting is recommended for roads with low lighting requirements and a width of less than 9m, providing a cost-effective solution tailored to specific urban conditions.

  • 03Conditions for Opposite Sides or Crossing Lights on Both Sides

    Opposite sides or crossing lights on both sides are advisable for roads with high lighting requirements and a width exceeding 9m, ensuring comprehensive visibility and meeting the demands of broader urban landscapes.

  • 03T-shaped Intersection and Intersections

    For a T-shaped intersection, two street lights can be strategically arranged based on the specific layout requirements, ensuring optimal visibility and safety. For intersections, the recommendation is either arranging four street lights or opting for high pole lighting directly, with a typical pole height exceeding 20m, ensuring thorough illumination and visibility in these critical urban junctions.

  • 04Bends

    For bends in the road, lights are typically positioned on the outside, and the pole height is generally maintained at more than 20m. This strategic placement ensures effective illumination along curved sections of the roadway, optimizing visibility and safety.

  • 05Curves

    For curves in the road, lights are placed on the outside, ensuring that illumination is optimized to enhance visibility along curved sections and contribute to overall road safety.

  • 06Different Road Types

    Considerations for LED street light layouts vary between common roads with sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes, as well as roads composed of sidewalks, non-motor vehicle lanes, and motor vehicle lanes. These distinctions ensure tailored solutions to meet the specific lighting needs of diverse road types, contributing to effective and efficient urban illumination.


Outdoor Roadway Lighting

LED street light layouts are categorized based on types:

  • Type II: Half-maximum candela trace on the Street side goes beyond 1 MH LRL but not beyond 1.75 MH LRL.
  • Type III: Half-maximum candela trace on the Street side exceeds 1.75 MH LRL but not beyond 2.75 MH LRL.
  • Type IV: Half-maximum candela trace on the Street side goes beyond 2.75 MH LRL.
  • Type V: Exhibits circular symmetry, essentially consistent at all lateral angles. These categorizations help in selecting and implementing appropriate lighting solutions based on specific urban requirements and conditions.

LED Street Light Simulation

150w Simulation

200w Simulation


Street Light Installation Solutions

  • 01Conventional Lighting

    • Height below 15 meters
    • Installed on one side, both sides, or the middle lane
    • Maintain lamp head perpendicular or at a specific angle for road surface illumination.
  • 02High Pole Lighting

    • LED lamps at 20 meters or higher
    • Used for large area lighting, especially at intersections
    • Each pole supports 10-20 lamps.
  • 03Half-High Pole Lighting

    • Installation at 15-20 meters
    • Method for road lighting with height typically 15-20m
    • Below 15m is conventional, and 20m or above is high pole lighting.

LED Roadway/Parking Lot Lights Precautions

  • A High IP Rating 

    Choose roadway/parking lot lights with at least an IP65 certification for outdoor installations. This standard safeguards against water and solids, ensuring resistance to moisture, dirt, water spray, and precipitation.

  •  B Uniformity of Light:

    Optimal light distribution, measured by the ratio of minimum to average illuminance, enhances visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians on roadways.

  •  C Lamps Power

    Avoid unnecessary electricity waste by selecting street lights based on actual needs. Embrace energy-saving solutions, including different lighting modes and sensors like daylight and motion sensors.

  • D  Color Temperature

    Opt for a 4000-5700K color temperature for streets, roads, and highways, resembling natural light. Community and park areas may benefit from a warmer 3000-3500K for a more inviting atmosphere.

  • E  Low Glare

    Minimize glare from street lights and signage to ensure a safer and more pleasant experience for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

  • F  Interference Light

    Address interference light impact on residents by carefully planning urban lighting design, including lamp selection and layout, to mitigate light pollution.

  • G  Bracket Adjustable Angle

    Utilize LED street lights with adjustable installation angles for flexibility in directing illumination, optimizing effectiveness in different environments.

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In the streetlight market, an intelligent control system is now essential. RAYBORN offers highly effective streetlights equipped with an advanced control system, allowing for remote control and more. Our LED street lights match traditional Metal Halide lamps/HID devices in luminous efficiency and illuminance. Additionally, we offer free simulations, saving customers significant labor costs.

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