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If you're unsure about which type of stadium LED arena light you need, we're here to assist you. In this buying guide, we will explore various industrial LED arena lighting products that are available for purchase.

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  • Efficient LED Technology

    RAYBORN LED arena lights offer high efficiency and low energy consumption, aligning with global environmental trends.

  • Expert Lighting Design Support

    RAYBORN provides free DIALUX simulations for precise arena lighting design, optimizing lamp placement and angles.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    RAYBORN's free simulations not only ensure optimal lighting but also save customers on labor costs for arena illumination planning.


About Arena

Indoor large-scale gymnasiums are versatile spaces capable of hosting various competitive sports such as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, skills exhibitions, trampoline, and more. When it comes to selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures for these gymnasiums, it's essential to consider both the venue's size and the required illumination standards. For international arena sports competitions, a wooden platform with a height ranging from 0.8 to 1.1 meters is constructed and covered with carpets, serving as the stage for all competition equipment. In such setups, it is imperative to ensure an obstacle-free space above the venue, with a minimum height of 15 meters and an area spanning at least 60 meters by 35 meters. The events hosted on this platform encompass a wide range of activities, including floor exercises, pommel horse, rings, vault, single/parallel bars, uneven bars, balance beam, and more. These disciplines demand stringent lighting standards, where flickering is unacceptable, and effective control of glare and shadows is paramount.

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In the initial phase of sports facility construction, it is crucial to incorporate the stadium lighting design into the overall planning process. Delaying the consideration of stadium lighting until after the main structure is completed can lead to a passive approach to the design, resulting in suboptimal lighting conditions no matter where the sports lights are installed within the stadium.


Installation  Solution

  • 01Arrangement of Lighting on Both Sides

    For horse tracks, it is essential to arrange lamps with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. This layout is well-suited for gymnasiums with high vertical illumination requirements and those requiring TV broadcast compatibility. Incorrect lamp positioning can adversely affect the main line of sight for athletes. All lamps should be angled between 25° and 65°, and the angle between the projection line and the bottom line connecting the end point of the horse track to the midpoint of the site's bottom line should exceed 30°.

  • 02Top Lighting Method Layout

    In this layout, luminaires with uniform or grouped distribution are installed on the top. Symmetrical light distribution lamps are preferable for top-layout stadium lighting, making it suitable for gymnasiums with limited space and no TV broadcasting requirements.

  • 03Mixed Lighting Layout

    This layout involves a combination of top-mounted and side-mounted luminaires. Stadium LED floodlights in a mixed layout should encompass various light distribution forms, making it well-suited for large-scale comprehensive stadiums. This configuration is particularly suitable for venues hosting domestic and international TV broadcasts or high-definition broadcasts.

Precautions on LED Arena installation

  • 01Consideration in Design Stage

    • Stadium lighting design requirements should be considered during the initial design stage.
    • Avoid postponing stadium lighting preparation until after the main structure is completed to prevent a passive lighting design.
  • 02Uniformity of Light

    • The illuminance uniformity of competitive sports venues is crucial.
    • Uniform light distribution enhances illuminance, providing a better visual experience.
    • Higher illuminance leads to greater comfort, while lower illuminance results in increased visual fatigue.
  • 03Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    • CRI is a vital parameter for evaluating the color rendering of light sources.
    • Higher CRI indicates better color rendering and a stronger ability to reproduce object colors.
    • High CRI is particularly important for broadcasting in high-definition, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • 04Low Anti-Glare

    • Arena lighting, especially for professional competitions, requires effective glare control.
    • Glare can discomfort athletes and spectators, potentially affecting performance.
    • Specialized anti-glare designs, such as patented solutions, are essential to achieve minimal glare values.
  • 05Arena Lighting Color Temperature

    • Sports arenas typically require a color temperature of 4500-6000K.
    • A color temperature of 5000-5600K is recommended for optimal comfort.
    • Consistency in color temperature within a specified range is crucial, emphasizing the importance of using the same batch of light sources.

Advantages of RAYBORN LED


Due to their high light efficiency and low energy consumption, RAYBORN RAYBORN LIGHTING(300 Watt/400 Watt/500 Watt/750 Watt/1000 Watt/1200 Watt/1500 Watt) LED stadium arena lights offer a significant advantage. Moreover, the eco-friendly aspect of these lights, as damaged ones do not pollute the environment, aligns seamlessly with the global trend towards environmental protection. RAYBORN LEDs not only contribute to energy efficiency but also demonstrate luminous efficiency and illuminance comparable to traditional HID devices.

Professional Lighting Design with DIALUX Simulation

Achieving optimal indoor Arena lighting requires a professional lighting design, and DIALUX simulation plays a crucial role in this process. Through DIALUX simulation, the necessary number of lamps, along with the ideal lamp positions and lens angles, can be determined. RAYBORN goes the extra mile by providing customers with complimentary simulations, resulting in substantial savings on labor costs for the clients.

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