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Flootball Field

Exceptional LED lighting has the potential to heighten players' focus on the football field, whereas subpar lighting can profoundly influence a player's performance. Thus, the question emerges: How does one go about selecting the right LED lighting for a football stadium?

Our strengths

What Rayborn Can Do

  • Dimming System Variety

    RAYBORN offers a versatile dimming system (DMX, 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI) for quick control and adjustment. The company supports Dialux simulation, optimizing lighting design for cost savings and quality.

  • Safe, Low Maintenance LED Technology

    RAYBORN's LED football field lights provide safety, low maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan. They eliminate the risk of explosion or leakage, ensuring a secure and cost-effective lighting solution.

  • Optimized Performance

    RAYBORN delivers high brightness, low glare, and flicker-free lighting with minimal decay (<5% in 5 years). The lights incorporate effective heat dissipation, maintaining a junction temperature below 65 degrees Celsius for reliable and efficient performance.


About Football Field

Football enjoys immense popularity in countries worldwide, making football field lighting a pivotal aspect of hosting successful matches. Without adequate and dependable lighting, football games cannot be conducted safely and effectively. The primary objective of football stadium lighting is to ensure consistent and reliable visibility during the game, allowing referees and players to discern and manage the ball's position. To meet the demands of both training and competitions, the distribution of LED stadium lights must adhere to professional standards. Consequently, lights should be positioned at the appropriate height and angle, aiming to achieve maximum illuminance coverage and field performance. Simultaneously, anti-glare LED football court lighting is essential to deliver an optimal visual experience for players, referees, and spectators alike.


Football Field Light Solution Requirements

Futsal Football

For futsal football fields, which typically range in size from 25-42m in length and 15-25m in width, the lighting solution requires strategic placement of 6-8m high poles on both sides. RAYBORN recommends the use of SD Floodlights in the range of 200W-400W, with 8 to 24 units, achieving an average illuminance between 150-500lux.

Size: 25-42m length, 15-25m width

Lamp Installation:

  • Pole Height: 6-8m
  • Light Poles: 4 or 6 on both sides 


  • RAYBORN SD LED Flood light 200W-400W (8pcs-24pcs)
  • Average Illuminance: 150-500lux

7-Player Football

For 7-player football fields ranging from 45-75m in length and 28-56m in width, the lighting solution requires taller poles (12-15m) and offers flexibility in the choice of floodlights. RAYBORN suggests using SD Floodlights in the range of 400W-500W (16-36pcs) or SDC/SDH/SDF LED Floodlights in the range of 500W-750W (12-24pcs) to achieve an average illuminance of 200-500lux and 300-500lux, respectively.

Size: 45-75m length, 28-56m width

Lamp Installation:

  • Pole Height: 12-15m

Lighting Options:

  • RAYBORN SD Outdoor Flood light 400W-500W (16-36pcs) - Average Illuminance: 200-500lux
  • or SDC/SDH/SDF Stadium LED Floodlight 500W-750W (12-24pcs) - Average Illuminance: 300-500lux

11-Player Football

For 11 player football fields with dimensions of 90-120m in length and 45-90m in width, the lighting solution becomes more versatile. Lamp installation poles range from 15-40m, and RAYBORN recommends the use of SDF/SDC/SDH Series LED Football Lighting Floodlights in the range of 750W-1500W. Illuminance levels vary between 150-1500lux, accommodating different purposes and competition requirements.

Size: 90-120m length, 45-90m width
International Competition Venue: 105m length, 68m width

Lamp Installation:

  • Pole Height: 15-40m


  • RAYBORN SDC/SDH Series, 750W-1500W Led Stadium Flood Lights
  • Illuminance Range: 150-1400lux based on requirements.

5 People football field 

7 People football field

11 People football field

 Football Stadium Light

Precautions for Modern Stadium Lighting

  •  A Choosing the Correct Beam Angle

    Selecting the appropriate beam angle for LED stadium lights is crucial for optimal lighting design. The beam angle, emitted by the light source or lamp lens, directly affects spot size and illuminance. A larger beam angle results in a smaller central intensity and larger spot with reduced illumination, while a smaller beam angle increases central intensity, reduces spot size, and enhances illuminance. Consideration should be given to the installation height of lamps and the position of light poles when choosing the angle to achieve the desired lighting effect.

  •  B Choosing Color Temperature

    Color temperature, measured in Kelvins (K), determines the warmth or coolness perceived by the eye. For football stadiums, a color temperature greater than 4000K is generally recommended. However, a suggested range of white light (5000-6500K) is deemed the most suitable choice, providing optimal visual lighting effects for both players and spectators.

  • C Color Rendering of Football Field Lights

    Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a crucial measure for evaluating the color rendering ability of light sources, indicative of the quality of LED lighting. A higher CRI signifies better color rendering, enhancing the ability to restore object colors and producing realistic visuals, especially essential for large-scale competitions and televised events. Meeting the lighting requirements for TV broadcasts ensures an improved video quality and a satisfying viewing experience.

  • D Minimizing Glare

    While ensuring that lighting meets the visual requirements of athletes, referees, and participants, minimizing glare is essential. Striking a balance between illumination levels, uniformity, and minimizing glare contributes to an environment conducive to sports performance.

  • E Visual Requirements of the Audience

    The lighting system should fulfill the visual needs of the audience, ensuring that the game process is fully presented. This includes highlighting athletes' props, expressions, clothing, and other details to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for the spectators.

Football Field Sports Lighting Simulation

Using an amateur competition standard of 300lux as an illustration, consider a football field with dimensions of 105m in length and 68m in width. The lighting setup involves four poles, each standing at a height of 30 meters. To achieve the desired illumination, arrange 36 units of 1000W RAYBORN LIGHTING LED Floodlights. This configuration results in an average illuminance of approximately 300-350lux across the field.

Stadium DIALux

Sports Field DIALux

Soccer Field DIALux

 Football Field


RAYBORN LIGHTING has completed many domestic and international sports stadium projects,including the 2022 Commonwealth Games indoor and outdoor floodlight stadium lights 500W-1500W.We cansupport Dialux simulation according to the customer's project requirements,and design the best lighting system to save customers Low cost,while providing high quality lamps and services.

1): The dimming system includes DMX,0-10V,1-10V,DALI dimming system,which can quickly control and adjust the lamps, we provide optical simulation design.

2): LED football field light safe and low maintenance cost,no risk of explosion leakage.

3): Provide multi-angle,high brightness,low glare,no flicker,light decay <5% (within 5 years),good heat dissipation system,junction temperature <65

Illumination Standard

GAISF Football Field Illumination Standard
Type EH(lx) Evmai(lx) Evsec(lx) Ra TK(K)
Amateur level Physical Training 150 ___ ___ ≥65 ≥4000
Non-competition,Entertainment 300 ___ ___ ≥65 ≥4000
Domestic competition 500 ___ ___ ≥65 ≥4000
Professional Level Physical Training 300 ___ ___ ≥65 ≥4000
Domestic competition 750 ___ ___ ≥65 ≥4000
TV Domestic competition ___ 1000 700 ≥65 ≥4000
TV international competition ___ 1400 1000 ≥65(80) ≥4000
HDTV Broadcast intemational Competitions ___ 2000 1500 ≥80 ≥4000
TV Emergency ___ 1000 ___ ≥65(80) ≥4000
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