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RAYBORN LIGHTING is a leading LED street light manufacturer. Using the latest LED technology and applying strict product quality control, we provide a wide range of LED product solutions for various applications.

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Tailored Solutions for LED Street Lighting

Rayborn boasts a dedicated R&D team capable of providing top-notch OEM/ODM services. Whether you have specific customization requests or even small-scale requirements, we are committed to crafting your unique product. Additionally, we offer unbranded products. Our OEM/ODM offerings adhere to international certification standards without any compromises.

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Custom LED Street Lighting

We specialize in designing PCB circuit boards for LED lamps, ensuring high-quality LED light fixtures. We use professional lighting design software to provide cost-effective lighting design schemes. Our approach focuses on the structure of LED lighting fixtures, considering aspects like heat dissipation, IP and IK ratings, installation, and customization. We carefully select raw material suppliers through rigorous evaluations by our QC, purchasing, and R&D departments. Only suppliers that meet our quality, pricing, delivery, and customized after-sales solutions requirements collaborate with us.

  • Professional LED PCB Design
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions

High Quality Led Lights

Our LED street lights are a testament to uncompromising quality. Certified to meet industry standards, our range spans from 60W to 300W, ensuring that we have the perfect solution for your illumination needs. These lights shine with high lumens, delivering bright and efficient lighting for your streets and roads. Equipped with a photocell sensor, they intelligently respond to ambient light, optimizing energy efficiency. Moreover, our thoughtful design incorporates high heat dissipation technology, guaranteeing not only brilliant performance but also long-lasting durability, all while boasting an impressive IP66 rating for excellent weather resistance. Choose our LED street lights for the pinnacle of illumination excellence.

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