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If you're considering the installation of LED light fixtures on your warehouse ceiling but are uncertain about the specific types of warehouse lighting fixtures you require, we're here to offer guidance. Within this comprehensive buying guide, we will explore a range of industrial warehouse lighting products available for your selection.

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What Rayborn Can Do

Rayborn's LED Warehouse Lights ensure extended emergency power, intelligent motion sensors, and cutting-edge design for efficient and customizable illumination.

  • Extended Emergency Power

    Rayborn provides 20-30 minutes of continuous power for critical and high bay areas, ensuring uninterrupted visibility during outages or emergencies.

  • Intelligent Motion Sensors

    Rayborn's lights incorporate motion sensors for responsive illumination, featuring automatic adjustment, 3-step dimming, and remote control for energy-efficient and customizable lighting.

  • Cutting-Edge Design

    Rayborn uses pure aluminum for heat dissipation, preventing damage, and offers intelligent controls—1-10V, Zigbee, DALI dimming, microwave sensors, and emergency battery packs—for optimal warehouse lighting.


Warehouse lighting illumination

Warehouse illuminance standards encompass the essential criteria for achieving optimal lighting levels within a warehouse. This standard plays a pivotal role in establishing a safe and efficient work environment, contributing significantly to increased productivity and the safety of warehouse employees. Furthermore, it aids in minimizing errors in picking, which can result in reduced product returns and refunds.

Typically falling within the range of 100 to 500 lux, the general warehouse illumination standard is meticulously determined based on the specific working conditions and tasks conducted within the warehouse. Adequate brightness within the warehouse is crucial, ensuring that warehouse personnel can clearly discern goods and equipment, thus mitigating the risk of accidents.


LED Warehouse Installation Requirements


In the realm of installing LED warehouse lights, meticulous attention to proper placement stands as the cornerstone for achieving optimal performance and efficiency. The strategic positioning of these lighting fixtures on the ceiling or wall, at a minimum height of 2.5 meters, ensures not only widespread coverage but also maintains a crucial vertical distance of at least 0.5 meters from stored items. 

  • Install LED lights on the ceiling or wall, ensuring they are placed at a minimum height of 2.5 meters.
  • Maintain a vertical distance of at least 0.5 meters from stored items.
  • Provide 20 minutes of continuous power supply for critical areas.
  • Super high warehouse lighting requires 30 minutes of continuous power.
  • Emergency lights automatically switch to emergency mode during a fire.
  • Install LED lamps strategically for optimal coverage (sufficient brightness for worker safety).
  • Use an adequate number of lamps to achieve the desired brightness (Aim for 150-350 lux general warehouse illumination).


Advantages of
LED Lighting for

  • 01Maintenance and Lifespan

    • Opt for durable LED lights to reduce maintenance costs.
    • Promptly replace lamps for consistent, extended performance.
  • 02Functionality

    • Benefit from LED lights with an instant start feature for seamless operation.
    • Implement two-way lighting for efficient use of natural light.
    • Integrate motion and daylight sensors for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • 03Energy Efficiency

    • Use Warehouse led light fixtures for substantial energy savings.

Motion Sensor Activation: Illuminate with Intelligence

Illuminate with

Detection and Activation: The motion sensor initiates upon detecting motion or movement, offering a responsive lighting solution, widely favored in industrial warehouse lighting for its effectiveness.

Automatic Adjustment: Experience seamless lighting adjustments triggered by motion detection, ensuring adaptive and efficient illumination. Achieve a 3-step dimming function by incorporating 1-10V dimmable LED drivers and ballasts for customizable brightness levels.

Remote Control: Take charge of your lighting system conveniently with remote access, enhancing control and flexibility. Utilize remote accessibility to manage the motion sensor feature efficiently through a remote control interface.

Energy Efficiency: Embrace sustainability by adopting energy-efficient lighting solutions featuring motion sensors. Benefit from reduced energy consumption, with High Bay LED Lights equipped with motion sensors capable of lowering usage by 30-40%.

01: With sufficient ambient light,the sensor does not switch on the lamp

02: With insufficient ambient light,the sensor switches on the lamp when motion is detected

03: After hold time, the sensor dims the lamp at a low light level if no new motion trigger

04: After stand-by period, the sensor switches off the lamp if no motion is detected in its detection zone

UFO High Bay Warehouse Led Light with Rayborn

  • Discover the cutting-edge solutions offered by Rayborn in the realm of warehouse LED lighting. With a commitment to performance and efficiency, Rayborn's LED lights are engineered with precision and advanced features.

  • 01Heat Dissipation

    Use pure aluminum in LED light design for optimal heat conductivity. Efficient heat dissipation ensures proper air ventilation and prevents fixture damage from overheating.

  • 02Beam Angle and CRI Rating

    Select lights with an appropriate beam angle for optimal brightness and uniformity. Aim for a CRI of 80 or above to support tasks like reading small labels.

  • 03Intelligent Control

    Warehouse LED high bay lights offer 1-10V or Zigbee, DALI dimmable options. Features like microwave sensors and emergency battery packs (1.5-3 hours) enhance the appeal of investing in LED warehouse lights.

Different Mounting Options for Your Warehouse

  • A Eye Bolt Mount:

    The most common installation type involves a single hook with a chain and cantilever clip.

  •  B Highbay Bracket: 

    Fixed U brackets are used for installation.

  •  C Wire/Chain:

     Adjustable wires are utilized for hanging, either over something or through a bolt.

LED Warehouse Light Lighting Design





RAYBORN LIGHTING has completed many major domestic and international projects including large warehouses,cold store warehouse and large industrial factory plant workshop.we make led high bay lights with various type from 60w to 500w,we can provide lighting design,Dialux simulation according to customers warehouse project requirements,to build best lighting system and accurate forecast of savings in costs and maintenance.

1. Led High bay Light dimmable control system have 0-10V,1-10V,Dali dimmable, Zigbee Smart control,Bluetooth Smart control,Microwave sensor with dimmable,ability control and adjust luminaires by quickly.

2. Safe and low maintenance, no risk of explosion leakage, low maintenance cost.

3. Optical analog design,multi-angle,high brightness,low glare,no flicker,light decay<5% ,good heat dissipation system,junction temperature<65°C.

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