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How to design an excellent football stadium led light

by Administrator | Jun 10, 2023

Enough brightness

This is a constant core of led lighting design,also a very important factor.In the fierce competition,the football rotation speed is very high,and players run relatively fast.To let the football players see the ball and people clearly,the lights must bright.

In the fierce competition, the rotation speed of the football is very high, and the football players run relatively fast. To let the football players see the ball and people clearly, the lights must be bright.More important,the camera must caputre

01)The brightness must be sufficient

The brightness must be sufficient,this is a constant core of lighting design. is also a very important factor.In the fierce competition,the football rotation speed is very igh,and football player run relatively fast.To let the players see the ball and people clearly,the led flood light must be bright.More imprtantly,the camera must capture clearly visible scenes,which is convenient for high-definition live broadcast,so that many people in front of LCF TVs or computer can also see the exciting competition clearly.

02)Brightness should be evenly distributed

Brightness should be evenly distributed.In other words,the light spots on the ground will not be too conspicuous.If light brightness uneven distribution,it will cause dry eyes and affect competition quality.

03)Reasonable and effectively select the led light source CRI and CCT

  • A.CRI,the full name is called the color rendering index,which means the level of the light source to restore the color tone of the object.The larger tha value,the better the actual color of the object can be experessed.General competitions should exceed 80,national and world-level competitions should exceed 90.
  • CCT,Light source color temperature is express the warm and cold of the light source.The lower the color temperature,the more yellowish the light source,and the higher the color temperature,the bluer the light source.The competition is generally select above 5000K color temperature,for high-definition live broadcast requirements,usually require CCT 5500-5700K.

04)To strictly control glare

The larger the glare value,the more dazzling the lighting and uncomfortble.So how can we reduce glare?The most important things is Anti glare led sports light select,and light arrangement.It is necessary to choose good led stdium light with good light distribution,low glare and high quality.The competition led lighting fixtures are usually arranged on the left and righ sides.

05)Reasonable ambient light is needed

With the the people appreciation level improvement,not only the stadium needs to be bright,but also beautiful.This requires the addition of corresponding ambient lighting to achieve.

To sum up,an excellent football pitch lighting must meet the above points:it must be bright (sufficient brightness),the brightness must be evenly distributed,the color rendering index and color temperature of the light source must be reasonably and effectively selected,glare must be strictly controlled,and reasonable ambient lighting.If you are not clear,please don't hesitate to write an email to RAYBORN LIGHTING immediately,let our professional staff give you the answer and lighting solution.


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