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What are the advantages of LED football filed lighting fixture

by Administrator | Jun 30, 2023

LED football filed lighting fixture advantages

In recent years,the football sport has developed rapidly,and football lighting have gone a long way in a short period time.More football fields have changed from traditional metal halide lamps to LED light,which is more adaptable,more environment friendly,and energy saving.

The LED lighting system can enhance the audience's experience in the game.

With the LED football lighting system,the spectators have a better sense of experience,which not only improves the appreciation of the game,but also enhances the participation of the spectators.The LED lamps have the performance of instant on and off,and can adjust the lights immediately during the game interval.Gaffers can use controllable LED lighting systems to tailor decisive moments and boost football player morale. Conversely, the audience will feel that they are part of the game.

Excellent lighting system can reduce operating costs

With the continuous advance of led lighting technology,the led lights cost is more economic than in the past,and it is more cost effective than traditional lighting such as metal halide lamps.Stadium install led lights can save 60% to 70% energy cost.

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