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How to choose professional basketball court lighting fixtures?

by Administrator | Aug 03, 2023

Basketball is a sport we are very familiar with,so how should we choose lamps for basketball court lighting?What is the lighting standard of the basketball court?

The standard court for a basketball game is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide,and there must be no obstacles at least 2 meters outside the four boundaries.If it is indoors, the height of the ceiling should be at least 7 meters.The court is divided into the center line,the front field and the back field.The center circle on the center line and the two semicircles on the free throw line of the front and back field penalty areas have a radius of 1.80 meters.The rectangle below the basket is the restricted area,usually called the restricted area.The area outside the arched arc in the front and rear courts is called the 3-point shooting area,and a shot outside the arched arc will score 3 points.

What problems should we pay attention to when purchase led floodlight/high bay light for basketball court?

1). Basketball court illumination level: Simply say is the light bright enough?

Different sites have different levels of illumination.Generally speaking,the vertical illuminance should be greater than 1/2 of the horizontal illuminance. When the vertical illuminance is equal to the horizontal illuminance,the sports environment is the most ideal.

2): Uniformity of basketball court lighting: Whether the illumination of the sport ground is uniform?

The uniformity of illumination is used to measure the visual conditions of the basketball court.Uniformity means that the basketball court should be evenly illuminated,and there should be no overly bright or overly dark areas in order to provide good visibility for basketball players,spectators,and referees.

3). Basketball court glare: Is the glare obvious?

Glare is another important factor in evaluating the lighting quality of a basketball court,yhe generation of glare is related to many aspects such as the installation method of the lamps, the installation height,the number and installation density of the lamps,and the light distribution of the lamps.When there is too high brightness contrast in the field of view,people will feel dazzling,which will affect people's vision.For example,if you look at the sun at noon on a sunny day,you will feel unable to open your eyes,this is the glare caused by too high brightness.Glare on the basketball court is direct glare,if the lamps are low,the light source will be very dazzling when the athletes are exercising,and the eyes will feel uncomfortable after a long time,will seriously affect the athletes' observation of the movement of the ball.

4). Basketball court light source: Stable light source with high energy efficiency

Now the most commonly used led lights for basketball court are LED stadium lights,which have obvious advantages,high brightness,good color rendering,long-lasting life,and soft light. RAYBORN LIGHTING LED stadium lights have anti-glare design,more uniform,all lamps are made of Philips Lumileds chip,the quality is stable and reliable,130-170lm/W high luminous efficacy.

To sum up,when choosing basketball court lamps and manufacturers,multiple factors should be considered comprehensively to ensure the selection of high-quality floodlight or high bay light.The solar street lights produced by RAYBORN LIGHTING have the characteristics of light efficiency led lighting,cheap price,high lumens,long working time,high quality, etc.


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