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How to design a comprehensive sports field stadium lighting

by Administrator | Sep 14, 2023

How to design a comprehensive sports field led flood lighting

Modern large and medium-sized comprehensive sports field lighting not only need to fully meet different large and medium-sized competitions and theatrical performances,but also be responsible for different large and medium-sized exhibitions and rallies.Venues are divided into main stadiums and general stadiums.They include badminton halls,table tennis halls, volleyball halls,tennis courts,basketball courts,etc.and their supporting functional areas.

A. Lighting Effects

The core of gymnasium lighting is sports venue lighting, that is event lighting.Then general lighting,spectator stand lighting,emergency lighting,venue lighting,building lighting and street lighting systems are all important components of stadium lighting.How to fully satisfy for the application scene lighting of different competition venues,the lighting system of each component should be handled well,so that the color temperature,illuminance,anti glare,CRI all meet the required standards.This is not only the selection of products and light sources,but also is control system selection,and how to plan the active cooperation of each functional area lighting,and accurately express the lighting needs of different events.

B.Lighting Functional Requirements

According to the functional area,the modern new comprehensive gymnasium can be divided into two major areas,that is main arena and the auxiliary area.All auxiliary areas can be divided into audience stands,restaurants,bars,coffee shops,conference halls,'s stadiums have some basic needs for lighting.

The main arena lighting not only requires stable and reliable lighting brightness to fully meet the sports players visual need,but also fully meet the needs TV live broadcast and shooting. Generally speaking,the main arena lighting CRI RA>80,the color temperature is between 4000K-6000K,and the brightness is in the range of 300-1500lux.For the lighting of the main stadium,we use high-power floodlights(stadium lights),and the power is generally between 300W-1500W,include 300W,400W,500W,600W,750W,800W,1000W,1200W,1500W etc.This needs to be selected according to the specific illuminance. the response time of high-power stadium lights produced by RAYBORN LIGHTING's high power led flood light response time is fast,stable work,low glare,long life,a variety of light distribution curves are optional.In the same competition venue,different sports competitions have different requirements for the lighting mode.Even if the same event is in different time periods,the lighting requirements are also different,such as event preparation,official game start,intermission,so on.Therefore,the lighting control of the competition field needs to meet different lighting modes,and it is difficult to meet various control requirements with simple control devices.We can use DMX to control to achieve the desired effect.

For various places with different functions in the auxiliary area,the lighting effect plays a very important role in the overall environment,so the lighting design becomes very important. Generally speaking,a variety of light sources are used,and various lighting effects are created by using dimming led flood light and application scene preset function modes,changing different light spaces,giving people comfortable and extreme visual enjoyment.


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