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How to install high pole lights and precautions

by Administrator | Aug 02, 2023

LED high mast lighting is an on-site luminaire,that is typically used to illuminate large areas from very high installation heights for storage,transportation,pedestrian use and safety.High mast light fixtures are typically installed at heights from 40 feet to 150 feet on poles,4 to 16 fixtures are mounted on each pole.This type of outdoor lighting is commonly used by municipalities,ports,municipalities,and parking lots of large venues such as stadiums and sports facilities.There are multiple lamps installed on the top.The weight of the light pole is high,the requirements for installation and construction are very high.

So what should be paid attention to when installing high pole lights?

Requirements for the construction site environment

The installation site of the high pole lamp should be flat and spacious,construction site should have reliable safety protection measures.The installation site should be effectively isolated within a radius of 1.5 times,and non-construction personnel are prohibited from entering.The construction personnel must take various safety protection measures to ensure safety of personnel and safe use of construction equipment.

Preparation of equipment and auxiliary materials

When the led light equipment enters the site,the material management personnel shall inspect the goods according to the delivery list issued by the supplier,and deliver them to the designated location as required.

Selection of construction equipment and tools

  1. 1 crane above 25T
  2. 1 each for 5T and 2T chain hoists
  3. 8 pound sledgehammer
  4. A large wrench(enough to screw the anchor bolts and nuts)
  5. A set of commonly used tools

Construction steps

  1. When unloading the high pole led light from the transport vehicle,put the high pole light flange close to the foundation,then arrange the sections in order from large to small (to avoid unnecessary handling when setting the joints).Insert the third and fourth sections in the same way.Before inserting the last section, be sure to put it into the hook ring correctly (distinguish the front and back). The lamp panel is integral and must be pre-inserted before inserting the last section of light pole.
  2. Fix the light pole of the bottom section,thread the main wire rope,lift the second section of light pole with a crane(or use a tripod chain hoist) and insert it into the bottom section, and tighten it with the chain hoist to ensure that the joints between the sections are tight and the edges and corners are flat straight.
  3. Assembling spare parts,mainly including transmission system,suspension device,protection system(mainly installation of rain cover and lightning rod).

High pole light hoisting

After confirming that the socket is firm and all parts are installed as required,the hoisting is carried out.Safety must be achieved during hoisting,the site should be closed,the staff should do a good job of protection;the performance of the crane should be tested before hoisting to ensure safety and reliability;the crane driver and the operator of the hoist should have corresponding qualifications;It is safe to prevent the joint head from falling off under force when it is hoisted.

Lighting debugging

All led flood light test


There must be trained and qualified professionals to do the lifting operation of high mast flood light.High mast lighting have various structures and functions,and the installation risk is very high.During the specific operation,it must be under the guidance of the manufacturer's dedicated personnel.Actual conditions for installation and construction.

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