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How to purchase right led high bay lights?

by Administrator | Aug 03, 2023

LED high bay lights are special lighting fixtures designed to be mounted high,to allow for vertical clearance for regular activities and to provide a wide range of lighting capabilities.High bay lights are designed for industrial and commercial environments with high light output,small size,long life,modern appearance,high safety,stable and reliable performance,etc.,which greatly reduces the user's operation and maintenance costs,and improves the work efficiency and safety of workers.

Led high bay light wattage is 60W,80W,100W,120W,150W,200W,250W.For some large indoor warehouses,workshops,some of our customers need more power,such as 300W,400W, 500W,etc.Most customers will choose 120 angle lenses.For some users who Illumination requirements are relatively high and very high installation positions,our product also have 60 angle and 90 angle lenses.The choice of high bay lights is diverse,we can also customize different functional product.

Option when buy led high bay lights:

In order to ensure perfect illuminance and maximum return on investment,it is very important to choose the appropriate lumen brightness.Lumen output has replaced watts as the primary indicator of lamp performance in today's market.Most of people still understand lighting performance in terms of watts,and we should be clear about what effect and brightness we want to achieve.For LED lighting,the amount of lumens produced by a same performance fixture is usually proportional to the wattage of the fixture.We have provided some typical lumen ranges for your reference:

  1. lumens in the 5000-15000lm range,these ufo high bay lamp are typically used in non-critical areas where high lighting is not required,or in small to medium sized spaces in industrial and commercial operations.
  2. Lumens are in the range of 16000-30000lm,these high bay lighting are usually used in large spaces such as production workshops,warehouses and large commercial buildings.The 100W-200W high bay lights produced by RAYBORN are widely used in these places by users.These lights are usually reasonably priced and have a large selection.
  3. Lumens are 35000-50000lm,these high bay led lighting are relatively high power,but still retain the energy-saving advantages of LED technology,they produce a strong lumen output,often used in large warehouses,indoor sports fields,public places and other environments that require precise and powerful lighting.RAYBORN have 300w 400w 500w led high bay light can meet lumens requirements.

Option of highbay led lights color temperature:

In addition to the correct wattage and lumen output,it is also important to choose the right color temperature for your application.depending on purpose of the lighting,the right color temperature will ensure worker productivity and focus,although some color temperatures are better suited to promoting relaxation and a better mood. We've listed below the most popular color temperatures currently available in high bay lighting.

  1. Most LED high bay lights do 5000K-6500K.The light color temperature range simulates the color emitted by sunlight at noon during the day,which is very suitable for factories,production workshops,warehouses and other industrial lighting environments that require precise lighting.This is the most natural color temperature among all color temperatures,and has a higher CRI.UFO HIGH BAY produced by RAYBORN is widely used in this color temperature.
  2. 4000K-4500K color temperature range high bay lights,they are usually not as common as 5000K-6000K high bay light,but many electrical contractors and building managers still choose this color temperature,because it gives a more comfortable feel and is very similar to the color temperature of traditional light sources such as HID and fluorescent lamps.Therefore, 4000K high bay lighting are widely used in the LED lighting industry.
  3. 3000K-3500K Warm color are usually used in homes or restaurants.Since highbay light are mainly suitable for large structures such as workshops,warehouses and commercial gymnasiums,3000K color temperature will be less used in industrial applications,and it is also widely used in some commercial supermarkets.

Installation options

  1. U-bracket installation:With these brackets,the UFO High Bay Light can be mounted on ceiling and can be tilted to accommodate sloped roofs.
  2. Ring installation:For hanging high bay led lights from warehouse or workshop roofs or other high surfaces,which use separate accessory,hang the fixtures from the ceiling using cables, chains to hold them in place, prevent accidental disengagement and prevent falls.

Why use Led high bay light?

There are many advantages to using LED technology in ufo led high bay lighting fixtures.Most customers purpose reduction in energy consumption.LED lighting is maintenance-free throughout its lifetime,saving you significant labor and component costs.Compare with traditional light sources,its also produce more precise,higher-quality light,improving visibility and safety.

How do I determine how many led light fixtures I need?

For your project,the number of indoor led high bays you need depends on many factors.First determine the lumen requirements for the coverage area.Then the number of luminaires that must meet your application needs,the lumen output per luminaire,this also depends on the height of luminaire install.The higher the lamp is from the ground,the greater the lighting power and the smaller the angle need;on the contrary,the closer to the ground,the smaller the power and the larger the lighting angle,it's a challenging job.

You can consult with Rayborn Lighting experts,we need to do professional simulation,which can greatly save costs and increase lighting illuminance for you.


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