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LED Floodlights Characteristics and Application

by Administrator | Aug 03, 2023

LED Floodlights are mainly used in public places,such as squares,billboards,factories,parks,flower beds,building outlines,stadiums and sports filed,and other large areas in need of general outdoor illumination.the floodlight can evenly illuminate any place around,so that every corner that needs light has brightness,and the lighting range of the floodlight can be adjusted arbitrarily to produce shadows on objects.Able to aim in any direction,not affected by any weather conditions.

(1). Application flexibility

The LED floodlight has the characteristics of small size,dustproof and waterproof,good heat dissipation, etc.,and has great flexibility in application.Evenly illuminates all directions from a specific point,it is very convenient to use and can be placed anywhere in the scene. Luminaires flood light is equipped with a bracket dial to facilitate the adjustment of the irradiation angle.In urban lighting,parks can also use different color floodlights,such as red,green,blue,purple,amber,magenta colors.At the same time,through the built-in microchip control,various dynamic effects such as gradient, jump,and random flashing can be realized,through DMX control,achieve special effects such as chasing.At present,led flood light can be applied to building light and interior through indoor local lighting,billboard lighting,stages and other entertainment places.

(2), Energy saving

Energy saving and environmental protection,the flood light adopts LED light source design,which can obtain better lighting effects under low power conditions.Compared with traditional lamps,its energy-saving effect is more obvious,and it can also reduce energy waste.

(3). Durable

The design of the outdoor flood lighting has strong durability,the lamp body is made of aluminum alloy,which can withstand the challenges of various environments.The characteristics of compression resistance,wear resistance,waterproof,anti-corrosion,and high temperature resistance also make the lamp more durable.

(4). High security

LED floodlights do not contain poisonous substances,harmful metals and other substances.

(5).Good color rendering

The color rendering index is greater than RA>80 or RA>90,the light color is soft,showing the natural color of the illuminated object.

(6). No glare

Due to its high working frequency,it is regarded as "no stroboscopic effect at all",which will not cause eye fatigue and protect eye health

(7). Color temperature optional

From 2000K to 20000K,customers can choose according to their needs.At the same time,we can also produce different led colors,including red light,blue light,green light,purple light,yellow light,amber,cyan,etc.,which are used for advertising decoration, garden tree decoration lighting, etc.

(8). Excellent electrical performance

High power factor,low current harmonics,constant voltage power supply,constant luminous flux output.

(9). No preheating required

It can be started and restarted immediately,and there will be no light decay phenomenon in ordinary discharge lamps with electrodes when switched on and off for many times.

RAYBORN LIGHTING produces a variety of reflector floodlights outdoor with different power,including:10W,20W,30W,50W,80W,100W,120W,150W,200W,250W,300W,400W,500W, etc,lens beam angle have 45 angle,60 angle,90 angle,120 angle,70x145 angle.Using high-purity aluminum shell with good heat dissipation performance,MEAN WELL or Inventronics brand power supply,Philips lumileds chip,high lumens 130LM-170LM/W,we have many different styles and appearance to choose from.


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