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If you're considering the addition of LED light fixtures to your factory or workshop but are unsure about the specific type of high bay lighting you require, our expert guidance is at your service. Within this comprehensive buying guide, we will explore a range of industrial LED high bay lighting products available for your consideration.

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What Rayborn Can Do

RAYBORN LIGHTING has successfully executed numerous significant projects, spanning large warehouses, cold storage facilities, and expansive industrial workshops/factory.

  • Tailored Illumination

    Rayborn customizes LED high bay lights (60W to 500W) for large warehouses, cold storage, and industrial workshops. Precise simulation based on customer details ensures optimal outcomes, with luminaire calculations within 24 hours.

  • Versatile Control Options

    Rayborn's LED high bay lights offer a dimmable control system (0-10V, 1-10V, Dali, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Microwave sensor). Ensuring safety and low maintenance, they eliminate the risk of explosion leakage.

  • Optimized Performance

    Rayborn's LED high bay lights feature an optical analog design for high brightness, low glare, and minimal light decay (<5%). Efficient heat dissipation and a junction temperature below 65°C contribute to long-lasting performance.


LED Workshop High Bay Lights


The lighting brightness standard of the production workshop is as follows:

  • Ultra-precision operations,design,drawing,precision inspection lighting luminosity standard 1200-2000lx.
  • Design room,analysis,assembly line,painting lighting brightness standard 500-1000lx.
  • Dyeing,casting,electrical room lighting luminous standard 200-500lx.
  • Entrance,exit,corridors,passages,stairs,and toilets lighting bright level standard 75-200lx.
  • Fire escape and outdoor power equipment,lamp brightness standard 30-75lx.

1. Led high bay lighting fixtures must meet the average lumen value on the working surface in factory production workshop.

2. Led High bay lights must meet certain optical characteristics,such as light distribution angle,anti glare control.

3. Considering the economic aspect,the industrial Led mining lamp's power,power supply efficiency,luminous flux and lumen are determine the initial investment and long-term using costs.

4. Under special environmental conditions,such as fire hazards,explosion hazards,its need use waterproof,dust-proof,and explosion-proof lamps.

5. Easy installation and maintenance is also more important factor for choose durable led light.

Factory High Bay LED Light

High Bay Parameter:

Calculation formula of illuminance: average (Eav)=total luminous flux of light source (N*Ф) *space utilization factor (CU) *maintenance factor (MF)/area (㎡)

1) The average illuminance value (lux): generally refers to the average value of the luminous flux illuminated by all lamps in a certain space.

2) The luminous flux Φ :refer to a single lamp refers to the initial luminous flux value of the LED light source of this lamp.

3) Space Utilization Coefficient (CU): its refers to how many percent of the light beams emitted from lighting fixtures reach the ground or work surface,so it is relate to lighting fixtures design, installation height,room size and reflectivity, and the lighting rate is also change accordingly.

4) Maintenance factor (MF):with the aging of lighting fixtures,the light output capacity decreases,the light source decays during service time increases,or due to dust in the room accumulation,the space reflection efficiency decreases,resulting in a decrease in lux.


LED High Bay Lighting Guidelines

  • 01Illumination Standards

    • Ultra-precision operations: 1200-2000lx
    • Design, analysis, assembly: 500-1000lx
    • Dyeing, casting, electrical: 200-500lx
    • Entrance, corridors, toilets: 75-200lx
    • Fire escape, outdoor areas: 30-75lx
  • 02LED High Bay Fixtures

    • Must meet average lumen on workshop surfaces
    • Ensure specific optical characteristics: light distribution, anti-glare control
  • 03Economic Considerations

    • Factor in power, efficiency, luminous flux for cost efficiency
  • 04Special Environments

    • Use waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof lamps in hazardous conditions
  • 05Installation and Maintenance

    • Prioritize easy installation and maintenance for durable LED lights.

Factory UFO High Bay LED Light Parameters

  • Calculation formula of illuminance: average (Eav)=total luminous flux of light source (N*Ф) *space utilization factor (CU) *maintenance factor (MF)/area (㎡)

  • 01Average Illuminance Value (lux)

    Represents the average luminous flux illuminated by all lamps in a given space.

  • 02Luminous Flux (Φ)

    Denotes the initial luminous flux value of the LED light source for an individual lamp.

  • 03Space Utilization Coefficient (CU)

    Reflects the percentage of light beams from fixtures reaching the ground or work surface. Influenced by fixture design, installation height, room size, and reflectivity.

  • 04Maintenance Factor (MF)

    Accounts for aging of fixtures, decreasing light output capacity over time. Considers light source decay and reduction in space reflection efficiency due to factors like dust accumulation.


Precautions for LED High Bay Lights

  • 01Heat Dissipation

    • Due to less-than-ideal ventilation in indoor factories/workshops, prioritize effective heat dissipation in lighting fixtures.
    • Utilize pure aluminum for its superior heat conductivity during LED light design.
    • Optimal aluminum quality enhances conductivity levels and prevents fixture damage from overheating.
    • Ensure an efficient heat dissipation system for proper air ventilation and heat transfer.
  • 02High Bay Light Angle

    • LED high bay lamp(low bay light) offer view angles of 60°, 90°, and 120°, with 120° being a common customer choice.
    • Select the angle based on factors like installation height, distance, and brightness requirements.
  • 03UFO High Bay LED Light Power

    • Power watt available from 100w 120w 150w 200w 250w 300w 400w 500w
  • 04CRI Rating (Color Rendering Index)

    • Choose lights with a CRI of 80 or above to ensure accurate color representation, crucial for tasks like reading small labels in warehouses.
    • Maintaining clarity and contrast with objects throughout the area is essential for warehouse workers.
  • 05LED Warehouse Light Color Temperature

    • Industrial production workshops typically use a color temperature (CCT) of 5000-6500K for a comfortable and bright environment.
    • Ensure LED lighting fixtures' color temperature stays within ±500K of the average, with tolerance values falling within specified ranges.
    • Use the same batch of light sources to maintain consistent color temperatures, emphasizing the importance of uniformity.

Installation Type

  • Explore diverse installation options with eye bolt mounts, high bay brackets, and versatile wire/chain setups for efficient and customized solutions.

  • A Eye Bolt Mount

    Widely used and common. Features a single hook with a chain and cantilever clip.

  •  B High Bay Industrial Lighting Bracket

    Utilizes fixed U brackets for installation.

  •  C Wire/Chain

    Adjustable wires designed for suspension over objects or through bolts.

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