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The difference use of between Indoor courts light and outdoor courts light

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

There are some differences between indoor and outdoor stadiums when using,it is mainly different environments and need by the two types stadiums,so when choose led lighting,its also different.

(1): Indoor LED Courts Lighting

Indoors courts are usually closed area and do not have natural light,easy installation,it is require fewer flood light for the same illuminance request.The install height is also lower than outdoor,so the light output lumen are required to be lower.In order to avoid glare and influence of reflector,led stadium lights used in stadium are softer,with better uniformity and lower glare,which can provide a more suitable environments for the game,and not affect the sight of athletes and spectators.

(2): Outdoor LED Courts Lighting

Outdoor courts need to consider environments factors such as season,weather,high temperature and sunlight,it is require high output lumen. Outdoor led sports use high poles to install lamps,the number of light on each pole is relatively large,and uniformity is also a difficult problem to solve.In addition,outdoor stadium lamps also need to pay attention to light pollution and glare.In terms of the light distribution curve of lamps,you can use various light lens angle led lights for outdoor sport filed usually have higher efficacy and longer lifespan,reducing carbon emissions and longer replacements cycles.

Although indoor and outdoor stadiums require different lighting solutions,the development and innovation of LED technology provides better lighting solutions for sports stadiums, making the game experience better and more popular. RAYBORN LIGHTING Anti-glare led light can provide a variety of different styles of lamps and different Light distribution curve to meet the needs of Outdoor or indoor stadium lamp.


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