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What are the characteristics of football filed lighting fixture

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

For football players,the lighting effect of football filed is particular important.

Football filed lighting fixture will directly affect the football player's physical condition and sports status,so choosing football filed light must very careful.Which kind of light fixture use for outdoor football ground lighting? Here we give a brief introduction:


A few years agon,most football filed lighting fixture use Metal Halide Lamp or High-Pressure Sodium lamps.However,metal halide lamps are relatively expensive and not durable.At the same time,it's consume a lot of power and short service life time,maintenance cost high.Due to Led lamps technology rapid development,many football court lamp are changing to led light.The 500w Led Football filed professional light produced by RAYBORN LIGHTING is more than enought to directly replace 1000W metal halide lamp,reduce half energy consumption.ts.


LED is a breakthrough third-generation lighting source.It is recognized as a high-tech,green,high-efficiency,and low-energy green product.Now the world is vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction,advocating and encouraging the use of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting fixtures.


Led sports light no filaments and glass bulb,no worry about vibration,its not easy to be demaged.The service life time is as long as 70,000 to 100,000 hours,the comprehensive investment cost is extemely low.Led lamp no electrodes and extremely long lifetime.They are the best choice for football pitch lighting.


There are no filaments and glass bubbles in LED Soccer Field Lights, so there is no worry about vibration, and it is not easy to be damaged. The service life is as long as 70,000 to 100,000 hours, and the comprehensive input cost is extremely low. LED lamps have no electrodes and have extremely long service life. They are the best choice for football field lighting.


In the field of Led sport flood light,RAYBORN LIGHTING product are widely used.Low glare,no glare,no light pollution.Our company's lamps have excellent performance in terms of energy saving,service life,installation and maintenance,intelligent applications,and durable quality.Many football clubs in the industry have chosen to cooperate with RAYBORN LIGHTING.


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