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What are the differences in the lighting standards and lighting methods of different football fields?

by Administrator | Aug 25, 2023

According to the actual environment,football fields can be divided into indoor football fields and outdoor football fields.The illuminance standards of outdoor football fields and indoor football fields are different.The lighting methods and illumination requirements are also quite different.

Illumination Standards for Football Sport Fields Lighting

The illuminance standard of the football field,according to its different functions,can be divided into amateur training venues,entertainment venues,amateur competition venues, professional competition venues,ordinary TV broadcast venues,large-scale international competition high-definition TV broadcast venues,TV emergency seven Grades,football pitches with different functions have different illumination requirements and glare index requirements.

The installation height of different led light football field fixtures

According to different size areas and applicable numbers,football fields can be divided into three types: 5-a-side football field,7-a-side football field and 11-a-side football field.The installation heights of lighting fixtures for outdoor football fields ground with different areas are relatively different.The actual field area and relative installation height are as follows:

  1. The total length of the outdoor 5-a-side football field is 38-42 meters,width is 18-22 meters.The size is equivalent to a standard basketball court,and the futsal field usually uses 8-meter high light poles.This height can not only ensure the uniform distribution of illuminance of LED floodlights in the mainstream football stadiums in the market,but also have high light efficiency,it is not easy to cause dizziness and interfere with the visual judgment of football players.
  2. The outdoor seven-a-side football field has a total length of 65-68 meters and a width of 45-48 meters.From practical experience,a 12-15 meter light pole can fully support the lighting requirements of a seven-a-side football field.
  3. The outdoor 11-a-side football field has a total length of 100-110 meters and a width of 64-75 meters.According to the two different design schemes of installing light poles on both sides and four-corner light poles,the light poles height needs to be 20-25 meters.

The lighting layout of the football stadium

The football filed stadium arrange lighting method can be divided into two types: four-corner lighting and two-side lighting.

A: Lighting on four corner

The four corner lighting arrangement is a method of arranging led flood lighting fixtures on the four poles at the four corners together.
Its advantage is light poles total numbers is relatively small, and less light enters the field of view of football players or spectators.Using the mapping of various non-uniform beam angles,an appropriate illuminance division can be produced on the site.Because TV broadcasting must have higher and more evenly distributed vertical illuminance,
The method of four-corner lighting is suitable for football fields with TV broadcasting.the disadvantage of four-corner lighting is that method has a low lighting utilization rate,a large number of lighting fixtures used,high engineering cost,and inconvenient maintenance.

B: Lighting on both sides

The way to arrange the lights on both sides is to arrange the led flood lights on both sides of the football field and set up multiple groups of light poles to establish a light strip.
Its advantage is uses less flood light,the illuminance perpendicular to the horizontal center is relatively good,the cost is low,and the maintenance is very convenient.
The disadvantage is when the light pole is arranged between the event venue and the auditorium,it will block the view of the audience,and it is relatively inconvenient to remove the the way of lighting on both sides is more suitable for football practice fields.


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