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What are the effect of cricket ground,baseball field,hockey ball light need achieve

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

What are the effect of cricket ground,baseball field,hockey ball light need achieve?

For football sport,the lighting effects of sports soccer field pole lamp/Light fixtures are particularly important.The football is not a luminous object,when gliding in mid-air,there are several reflective surfaces relative to players playing football,one is the top facing the sky,the second is the bottom surface facing the ground, and the last one is the vertical surface facing the surroundings .

The light energy on these reflective surfaces of the football,which must meet a specific lighting value,and have a scientific and reasonable distribution ratio.Only then can the objects gliding in the sky form a clear sense of light in the human visual perception system,forming a real object visual three-dimensional sense of space.

To meet the requirements of football field lighting fixtures,the lighting effect has a good visual three-dimensional sense of space.The soccer Field lighting must not only have a high ground level illuminance value,but also must have a specific vertical illuminance value.Especially the scientific and reasonable ratio of horizontal illuminance to vertical illuminance is very important.

RAYBORN LIGHTING Led Flood Lighting Fixtures include 500w 600w 750w 1000w 1200w 1500w,light efficiency 150-170lm/w,beam angle 8/15/20/40/60/90 degree,Anti-glare,AC100V,230V,277V,480V work voltage,Dali DMX 0-10V Dimmable,different characteristic meet customer's football field sports lights demand.


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