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What are the requirements of football filed lamp install

by Administrator | Jun 30, 2023

LED football field lighting installation

01,Determine the position of the light

  • The position of the led football court light is very important.It is best to install the lamps at the four corners of the court,and set up an additional light in the center of the court.This can ensure that every corner of the football field can get enough lighting,so that the game is more fair and safe.

02,Consider the tilt angle of the light

  • The inclination angle of football field lighting should be between 15 degrees and 30 degrees,which can ensure that every corner of the field can get proper lighting.

03,Choose the right light height

  • The installation height of the lamps should be between 15 meters and 40 meters,which can ensure that every corner of the football field can get enough lighting.

04,Choose the right type of light

  • The lighting type of the football field needs to be selected according to different need.Usually,football stadiums need to use high-power LED stadium lighting,which can provide efficient lighting effects. RAYBORN LIGHTING company mainly produce high-power stadium lights 500W-1500W, which can meet the different needs of customers.

How to choose the correct installation height of lamps.

The lighting height of the football field is very important,because it will directly affect the lighting effect of the football field.The higher the light height,the better the lighting effect of the football field,but the cost will be more expensive.The installation height of the luminaire determines the success of the lighting system.The height of the lamp frame or lamp pole should meet the angle of 25° from the venue center to the auditorium of the stadium and the horizontal plane.The height of the luminaire or pole may exceed the minimum angle requirement of 25°,but shall not exceed 45°
The football filed size is also an important factory for choose the height of the light.Small size can install lower light poles,large size require higher light pole to ensure every corner of the football field can get proper lighting effect.


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