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What are the standards for LED soccer field lighting

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

Study engineering drawings to understand design proposals

In order to give full play to the strength of athletes on the soccer field,it is necessary to avoid the appearance of light shadows,which requires the cooperation of lights.For soccer games, professional soccer field lighting fixtures are particularly important,and what kind of impact soccer Stadium Light have on the lighting effect? Let's analyze it for you:

01. What kind of standard specification is used for soccer field lighting fixtures?

The horizontal light intensity is the value measured when the lux meter is placed horizontally in the midair of the sports field.It is generally used to measure and calculate the data related to the maximum,minimum and average light intensity of sports venues.

02.Coefficient of Variation of Soccer Field Lighting Fixtures

Football is a sport which the ball rotates at high speed.Maintaining a good uniformity of light intensity in the sports field,it conducive to players playing their best and shooting better video recordings.

03.Vertical Light Intensity of Soccer Field Lamp

The vertical light intensity of the sports field camera means the vertical light intensity of the players.Vertical light intensity is good for capturing close-ups of moment-to-moment action in motion,especially facial expressions during a game.These images were all captured by cameras at the sports production site.If the vertical light intensity changes too much,the quality of the captured video will be poor.The soccer field designer must comprehensively consider the stability of the light intensity in all directions to reduce the instability of the light intensity when the sports field camera is shooting.

05.Soccer Field Lighting Fixture Specific Camera Vertical Light Intensity

The vertical light intensity on the playing field captured by the boundary line and goal line cameras is divided into a specific camera vertical light intensity. The footage of these cameras must cover the entire field during the entire game.

05.Color temperature of Soccer Field lighting fixtures

Color temperature is a feeling or phenomenon that describes the warmth (red) or coolness (blue) highlighted by the light intensity,and the unit is Kelvin(K).The camera can be adjusted according to the specific color temperature contrast to obtain the desired satisfactory color quality.For event-level outdoor sports venues,the color temperature is generally greater than 4000K.

06.Color Rendering Index of Sports Soccer Field Fixtures

The color rendering index is the level at which artificial lighting sources simulate natural light.In fact,the specified color rendering index is between RA20-RA100,the higher the color rendering index,the better the light and color effect. Generally we choose RA>80,RA>90.

Environmental impact of soccer stadium light fixtures

Light pollution and light waste can be divided into two categories: spill light and glare.Spill light refers to the measurable light near the sports field,and glare refers to the fact that non-professionals in the sports field feel that the light in the sports field is too bright and dazzling.Glare and overflow light are relatively harmful to local residents,which may damage human health and endanger the normal life of residents.Therefore,when selecting lighting fixtures,it is necessary to choose a professional manufacturer that is good at dealing with glare and spillover light.Only in this way can an excellent lighting effect be achieved.

RAYBORN LIGHTING is a company specializing in the production of outdoor stadium lighting.Our led flood light products are not only excellent in handling glare and spill light,but also have a guaranteed light quality in terms of service life. Rayborn Lighting offers tailor-made solutions for LED football stadium lighting or sports facilities of all sizes,ensuring intelligently applied,modern systems comply with all lighting parameters required by regulations.Recreational football games are often played at night,so LED floodlights are required to eliminate upward light emission,minimize glare to surrounding houses,and increase visual comfort in the area.


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