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What factors should be considered in road tunnel lighting?

by Administrator | Aug 02, 2023

As a key component of led street light the quality of LED drivers directly affects the reliability and stability of the overall lamps. If the LED street lamp driver is damaged, it will lead to low efficiency of the lamp and even unstable operation. 

Tunnel lighting is an important link involving tunnel traffic safety.

Compared with general led road lighting,tunnel led lighting need lighting throughout the day and night,and daytime lighting is more complicated than nighttime lighting.Tunnel lamp should not only consider that the road surface have a certain brightness level,but also design speed,traffic volume,alignment and other influencing factors,and comprehensively evaluate the lighting effect from the aspects of driving safety and comfort,especially in tunnels.The entrance and its adjacent sections need to consider the process of human visual adaptation. At the same time,the visual phenomena that appear in tunnel lamp are also significantly different from those encountered on the road.When drivers approach,enter and pass through the tunnel from a bright visual environment during the day,it is easy to produce a variety of visual problems.Such as "white hole effect" and "black hole effect".

In the daytime,the visual phenomenon in tunnel led lighting will present several characteristics:

  1. Visual problems before entering the tunnels.In daylight conditions,since the brightness outside the tunnel is much higher than inside,the driver will see "black hole" phenomenon of the long tunnel and the "black frame" phenomenon of the short tunnel.
  2. The visual phenomenon that will happen immediately after entering the tunnel.When entering a dark tunnel from a bright outside,the driver's vision has a certain time to adapt,so he cannot see the interior of the tunnel immediately, resulting in "hysteresis of adaptation".
  3. Visual issues inside the tunnel.Inside the tunnel,due to the accumulation of exhaust gas from motor vehicles to form smog,tunnels light and car headlights are absorbed and scattered by the smoke to form a light curtain,which greatly reduces the brightness between the obstacles in front and their background In contrast,the visibility of obstacles is weakened.
  4. Flicker effect.This is due to the uneven brightness distribution in the tunnel caused by the improper spacing of lighting fixtures,resulting in a periodic alternating light and dark environment,which will form a flashing feeling at a certain speed.
  5. Visual issues at the exit of the tunnel.Suddenly coming from a very dark tunnel to a very bright exit will produce strong glare,which will make the driver unable to see the road conditions clearly resulting in safety accidents.

Arrangement of LED tunnel lighting

Because each section in the tunnel has different brightness requirements,the lamps arrangement is also different.The basic sections (inner sections) inside the tunnel are arranged at equal intervals,while at the entrance and exit must be arranged at different intervals according to the brightness requirements and the selected lights.
Led tunnel lighting fixtures shall meet the following requirements:

  1. With complete photometric data,scientific and reasonable optical design.
  2. Tunnel led light should meet IP65 protection level at least.
  3. All luminaire parts should have sufficient mechanical strength to meet the requirements of shock resistance.
  4. Materials and components of tunnel lights led should be rust resistant and corrosion resistant.
  5. Led lights tunnel should be structurally convenient for maintenance and replacement.

When it comes to safety,RAYBORN LIGHTING's tunnel lighting solutions set the highest standards.Selected high brightness LED light source,luminous efficiency up to 150Lm/W,modular design,high lumen output LED provides the best visibility without glare,30°\60°\90°\75*145° multiple angles are available,Uniform and soft light emission Anti-glare,absolutely uniform illumination prevents fatigue and creates maximum visual comfort in the tunnel.A variety of power wattage and color temperature configurations,advanced asymmetric anti-beam optical devices,effectively reduce the "black hole" and "white hole" phenomenon of the tunnel.

IP66 protection level,no fear of high temperature,humid and harsh environments.It can support intelligent dimming control system to realize flexible and intelligent light control. RAYBORN has an experienced team of designers and engineers who can provide a wide range of options for custom solutions.


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