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What is parameter do you know when buy UFO led high bay light?

by Administrator | Jun 30, 2023

As a new type of energy saving and environments friendly lighting source,high bay led lights have been widely use in workshop,warehouse,factory,shop light.The light intensity distribution,color temperature distribution,thermal resistance and color rendering is necessary to understand.
Below RAYBORN led lighting will introduce 4 technical indicators and 3 performance points in the led high bay factory garage light applications.

  • CRI is an important factor,color rendering must be above 80.
  • Light Intensity Distribution,It is necessary for choose factory high bay lights.
  • Thermal resistance directly affect the led factory light heat dissipation,The lower the thermal reisstance,the better the heat dissipation;the higher the thermal resistance,the poor the heat dissipation.Higher temperature of the lamp body will affect light wavelength shift.According to experience,when temperature rise by one degree,the light wavelength will shift by 0.2-0.3nm,which will affect factory led lighting luminous quality.Excessive temperature rise also affect the lamp lifetime.
  • Whether the color temperature distribution is uniform will affect the lighting effect.Moreover,color temperature and color rendering index are interrelated,and color temperature change will cause color rendering index change.

Three performance points of LED industrial light

  • 1, When select,we need choose an aluminum radiator with good heat sink effect.There are some product with very low prices on the market,it is only one PCB board for cooling,and apperance is a plastic body,When choosing, we also need to pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of the lamp. We must choose an aluminum radiator with good heat dissipation effect. There are some products with very low prices on the market. There is only one PCB board for heat dissipation, and the appearance is a plastic device.
  • 2, Regarding the brightness,generally we try to choose more than 130lumens/W,which can save energy and protect the environment,also also reflect the whole lamp quality.
  • 3, One problem we must pay attention is the light decay.You must purchase low light decay high quality led factory light,otherwise energy saving investment will not be achieved.


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