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What is the general distance between the LED street lamps installation?

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

What is the outdoor led street lighting general distance?

The installation spacing of LED street lights is determined by various factors,such as road illumination requirements,light pole height,and cost budget.Let's take a preliminary look at the installation distance of the 4m, 6m, 8m, and 12m street Lamp post heights.Because there are no fixed requirements,many people feel that they don't have clear idea when facing this problem.The most important determining factor is led street luminaire light parameter,and the installation distance is also affected by road conditions.Led street fixurer can be divided into 4 meters,6 meters,8 meters and 12 meters according to the height of light pole.Led Street lighting of different heights have different requirements for installation distances.

(A), 4m street light installation distance:

Street lamps with 4 meters height of are mostly installed on residential roads.RAYBORN Lighting recommend that distance between each street lamp should be about 8 to 12 meters.Because if the street lights are too far away,it will exceed the lighting range of the two lights,it cannot illuminate the gap will appear in darkness.In addition,if the street lights are too close,it will not only increase the led street lights quantity demand,but also cause a waste of lighting.

(B),6m street light installation distance:

Street lights with 6 meters height are generally rural roads,countryside,especially 5 meters around road width.Because under normal circumstances,the traffic flow on rural roads is not large,so we generally use one-sided interactive lighting installation.It is recommended that the distance between street lights be about 15-20 meters,not less than 15 meters.And for some corners,add one more road led luminaire to avoid lighting blind spots.

(C), 8m street light installation distance:

If you want to install is 8 meters height of street light pole,the distance between the street lighting is 25-30 meters,and street light led are installed on both sides of the road in a staggered way.For road width is 10-15 meters,it is recommended to install road lighting by crossing lights on both sides.

(D),12m street light installation distance:

According to RAYBORN Lighting's many years of led street light installation experience,if the road exceeds 15 meters,it is recommended to use symmetrical lighting on both sides.The longitudinal spacing of the 12-meter street lights is generally recommended to be 30~50m. At the cross street lights,we can also use high-pole lamps to arrange lights,and install multiple lamps on one light pole to achieve the lighting effect.

Of course,above is just a preliminary reference.How to install the distance between light poles depends on the situation.Our professional engineers to analyze it for you.If you have any questions, please contact RAYBORN Lighting.


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