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What LED Soccer Field Lighting be designed according to

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

A: Standard requirements related to 1000w football field lighting and competition activities.

1)Under normal circumstances,the football field led lighting fixture cannot be installed directly above the sports field.

2)There is a range where lighting fixtures cannot be installed on the sports field,basically for the position where the lighting will cause adverse factors to the sight during the game.

3)The installation position and projection angle of outdoor led football field lighting fixtures should prevent glare to football players.

4)Avoid the direct light of rugby field,hockey ball light,sports field lighting interference of players and spectators.

B.Standard requirements related to led lighting and television TV broadcasting

1)The vertical light intensity and uniformity of the camera orientation of the soccer field must meet shooting and TV broadcasting

2)The color temperature of the baseball field,Basketball Court,soccer stadium light will affect the adjustment of the camera's white balance.For football fields with TV broadcast level,it is stipulated TCP>4000K (common TV broadcast) or 5500K (high-definition TV broadcast).

3)Led Stadium light color rendering index is related to the color restoration level of TV broadcasting and shooting.For TV broadcasting football fields,RA>80 (common TV broadcasting) or RA>90 (high-definition TV broadcasting).

4)The football field luminaire light installation position and projection angle may occasionally cause glare to the camera.

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