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What to know about led flood light

by Administrator | Aug 02, 2023

LED flood light can lighting large area and long distance,there are many advantages to using LED floodlights.It provides a cost-effective illuminance solution for indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial lighting.It can create a daylight environment by illuminating large and dark areas.At the same time,floodlights can also be used in dimly lit places such as parking lots and warehouses.It can improve safety and is popular with people.

Outdoor LED Flood Lighting Features :

(1), Luminous flux

Floodlights have excellent electrical performance.In general,led floodlights power is relatively high,using constant current power supply,with low harmonic current.Therefore,it can output a relatively constant luminous flux.

(2), Applications range

Floodlight have a wide range of applications.Floodlight is relatively small size,the installation is convenient and quick,and it can be installed in a variety of ways without being affected by the environment and location.

(3), High proportion of visible light

Flood lighting have a relatively high proportion of visible light.In the light emitted by the flood light,its visible light level reaches more than 90%,and the visual effect is very good.

(4), Color rendering good

Flood lamp have good color rendering.The light emitted by the floodlight is relatively soft,and the objects illuminated by the floodlight have good glossiness,more natural.Its color rendering index is higher than 80 and 90.

(5), No/Low flicker

Flood light no flicker.Good quality floodlights work efficiently,no glare,no flicker,and will not cause eye fatigue to the human body.

(6), Energy Saving

Outdoor flood led light is an energy saving lamp.With the popularization of LED light sources in the lighting market,more and more people use LEDs in the production of lighting fixtures,and floodlights are no exception,they also use LEDs as their light sources.Therefore,compared with ordinary lighting fixtures In comparison,Led floodlights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

(7), Long life

LED flood lighting Long service life.The interior of the flood light is not made of filament,but is made of LED chips.Its working time can reach more than 100,000 hours,and its service life is longer than other traditional lamps.

(8), Environmentally

Led flood light is an environmentally friendly lamp.When the led flood light is produced,there is no mercury inside.If it is accidentally broken,no need to worry about polluting the environment.We can also recycle it when we are not using the lamp,the environmental protection index is very high.

RAYBORN produced led flood light is made of good quality aluminum heat dissipation material,fins or die-casting electrostatic spraying surface treatment,the coating is resistant to high temperature,acid and alkali,anti-aging,compact structure and small size.Using a variety of different lens light distribution curves,high luminous efficiency,low glare,suitable for signs, various indoor and outdoor stadiums,arenas,squares,trees,parks and streets,billboards,parking lots, port terminals,airport lighting,building exterior walls and other places and fields.


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