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Why Choose LED Street Light?

by Administrator | Aug 02, 2023

Street lights may be simply defined in people's cognition as lighting sources for sidewalks or the side of the road,but recent changes in LED lighting technology have made them so simple.Fire is the history of human development and the history of entrepreneurship in pursuit of light,the use of fire is an important milestone in the progress of human civilization,and the bonfires lit by ancient ancestors are the earliest lights.Today,we have LED shoe box lights specially designed for road lighting,which can last for 100,000 hours without replacement.

What Are Led Street Lighting?

LED street lights are simply street lights using LED technology.LED street lights are lamps that integrate light-emitting diodes for street lighting.LED street lights use LED lights as light sources and are assembled in the form of panels with built-in drivers and radiators.The latest LED technology advances have also bring better,more efficient lighting to all types of luminaires Not only street lights,LED high bay lights and LED parking lot lights are also benefiting from the new technology.Now apart from simple metal halide and sodium or mercury bulbs besides,there are many more options.

Why Choose Led Street Light

Roadway light/LED street lights are not only popular on the streets,but also as LED parking lot lights in retail or car dealerships,etc.,because of their very beautiful appearance.However,compared to older street lighting designs like mercury bulb used for street lighting,why are LED lights popular and favored by many people? s? There are many reasons for this.

  1. More Energy Efficient - ----- The new model consumes 40-60% less energy than its metal halide.
  2. Long service life—----20-year service life ensures less lamp replacements and lower costs
  3. Improved Light - LED lights tend to have a cleaner light without flickering,zebra stripes or other issues.
  4. Smaller size - LED fixtures are usually much smaller in size,making them easier to install and more beautiful.

How about outdoor led street lighting colors

Compared to the approximately 2000k color temperature offered by high pressure sodium lamps or other E39 LED bulbs,LEDs offer a wider range of color temperatures,including 6000K cool white light or 5000K bright white light color temperature.Brighter colors make the streets safer and more eye-friendly.RAYBORN LIGHTING sells outdoor lighting such as LED Wall Lights and highway/LED Shoebox Lights up to 5000K.

Option when buy an smart led street lamp

When choosing an led streetlight, you must consider the needs of the area where you plan to install it,and make a lighting design plan to meet these needs.The criteria for choosing the best led cover a variety of factors,including the number of lumens it provides,the quality of the LED chips,the total number of LED bulbs Service life,dimming ability,dusk to dawn, photocell,surge protector,etc.and the color temperature around 5000K. RAYBORN LIGHTING provides street lights from 60 watts to 400 watts.We can help you make a lighting solution with cost-effective.


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