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Why choose solar street lights

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

Why choose solar street lights?

With the advancement of science and technology,many new energy sources are constantly being developed,solar energy has become a very popular new energy source.Solar energy is inexhaustible,clean,pollution-free and environmentally friendly,it can indeed bring great benefits to our lives.Solar power light has many applications,solar street lights is one of them.Let's take a look at the characteristics and advantages of solar powered street lights.

(1), Solar powered public lighting is more cost effective than traditional lighting HPS

In our lives,the demand for better public lighting is undoubtedly pursued by everyone.However,only by relying on traditional old street lamps,it is necessary to pay a certain price to improve the living standards of users and improve safety,which will bear huge electricity bills for local governments and private enterprises.

(2),Street lights with solar panels can be installed quickly

If you use traditional street lights,you need to bury wires underground,there are certain safety hazards.The solar street lamp is ideal option for remote area,flood prone areas,it can keep pepole traveling and working safely.At the same time, if you choose solar street lights in outdoor public lighting areas,it can generate electricity independently through the solar panels above without connecting to the grid.

(3), Green

The use of street lamps with solar panels to generate electricity reduces environmental pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.Solar streetlights generate electricity through solar panels, converting solar energy into electricity.

(4), Stability

LED lighting have longer lifespan than traditional lighting.One bulb can provide 100,000 hours of light.This makes LED last 15-20 times longer than regular light bulb.

(5),Guaranteed light 365 nights a year

Street lights with solar panels have more advantages than traditional street lights.The only disadvantage is that they are easily affected by the weather.There is a solution,If you live in an area with more rainy weather,you can choose a higher power solar panel,which can fully charge the built-in battery at one time and keep working for several days.

(6), Long lasting

Old traditional lighting have different colors,but Led offer even more variety.The typical colors include warm white,cool white,pure white,daylight white,LED are also offer different wavelength for customer choice.

(7), low maintenance cost

In remote areas far from cities and towns,the generate electricity,maintenance or repair costs of conventional power generation are very high.Solar energy system street lights only need regular inspections, minimal maintenance, and maintenance costs are lower than traditional power generation systems.


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