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Lighting Design Steps for Stadium lamp

by Administrator | Jan 12, 2023

01. Study engineering drawings to understand design proposals

Generally,stadiums will have design drawings.After obtaining the engineering drawings,it is usually study the functions of stadiums,the planning of event venues,check the relevant Led light specifications according to different field functions.

02. Arrange the football field projector lamp position

Confirm the installation place of the led filed lighting in the stadium,It is extremely critical,and first step to carry out the Illumination measurement in the future.
Most of the luminaire stadium flood light in sports venues will be arranged on the horse track,so the lighting positions are usually arranged according to the specific position of the horse track.

03. Lighting standards for sports venues

Different venues and different levels have different standards,and the led sports lights design can be carried out according to the sports venue standards.

04. Common Led sports flood light

Choose lamps according to the requirements of lighting design.

05. Confirmation of camera position

According to different activity venue areas,the determination of camera positions is based on national standards.First,the positions of a main camera and two sub-cameras must be determined.In addition,the location of some special shots will not be taken into special consideration.

06. Engineering drawings to be provided

Different illuminance research drawings should be provided according to different grade modes.

07. Study Illumination of Advertising Signboards

Advertising is one of the main income of owners,and the advertising led lighting has become extremely important.A separate drawing should be produced for illuminance research,only vertical illuminance is enough,and the elevation angle of the advertising signboard should also be considered.

08. Illumination Study in Sweeping Mode

Study on horizontal Illumination in stand cleaning mode.
Study on the horizontal illuminance in the cleaning mode of the main site.

09. Emergency lighting

Study on horizontal Illumination of stands in emergency mode.
Study on horizontal illuminance in the emergency mode of the main site.

10. Control system and detailed description

In the control system,there is a need for a fire emergency design scheme,and the expansion of the stadium future activities should also be considered.

11. The lighting position and pipeline line tour of the lighting of the stadium should be provided

12. Relevant detailed instructions should be offer for the lighting intelligent control system led light.

13. After the completion of all engineering drawings,the corresponding table of lighting implementation standards should also be provided.

14. A list of lighting fixtures should also be provided,with the total number,power,and model of lighting fixtures attached.


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