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Why choose Led High Bay Light use for warehouse lighting

by Administrator | Jul 18, 2023

Why choose Led High Bay Light use for warehouse lighting?

Warehouse generally have a large space and require a large number of lamps.They need to achieve different illumination effect in different areas.Business cost is high when multiple factors come together.These factor include electric charge,maintenance cost,salary,etc.Looking for more economical and energy-saving lamps become one of the choices for business owners to reduce production costs.Led High Bay Lights are designed for this purpose,product can use in any space with ceiling higher than 14 feet.

(1), Energy efficient

LED use less energy and brightest light than traditional lighting options,led quatity used 85% less than incandescent lamps and 60-70% less than metal halides.

(2), Satety

Unlike regular lights,led no mercury,no UV rays.Modern Led light is reduce the risk of blue light damage,and innovative techonology.

(3), Brightest light

Lumen are used to measure the led light brightness,there is no fast way to convert from the watts to lumen,LED lamps will provide around 100-180lm/W,which is very bright light output and without using too many light fixture to suffice.

(4), Stability

LED lighting have longer lifespan than traditional lighting.One bulb can provide 100,000 hours of light.This makes LED last 15-20 times longer than regular light bulb.

(5), Low maintenance cost

Factory warehouse usu sally require some maintenance and organizational cost.Considering the warehouse lamps installation is relatively high and inconvenient to maintain,Industrial Led high bay lights have long lifetime and low light decay,if use warehouse lights,the maintenance cost can be saved.

(6), kind of colors

Old traditional lighting have different colors,but Led offer even more variety.The typical colors include warm white,cool white,pure white,daylight white,LED are also offer different wavelength for customer choice.

(7), Led warehouse light beam angle choose

When purchase led warehouse lights,you can determine the beam angle,to ensure the area illumiate is evenly and effectively.The beam angle of led high bay light detemines the brightness of the light it distributed everywhere the space.For warehouse lighting,the standard beam angle is 120 degree,this works very well for ceiling heigh 4 to 15 meters.As the ceiling height exceed this range,the beam angle becomes narrow.For ceiling 15 to 25 meters,we can choose beam angle 60 degree or 90 degree.Of course,we can't only consider the light installation height,also need to see the lamp installation density and layout.For how to layout and which beam angle is needed? RAYBORN led high bay light make 100w 150w 200w 250w 300w 400w 500w,can provide professional simulation,and make a reasonable plan for you,saving you a lot of time and lighting cost.


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